Yearly Archives: 2010

Weathering the Storm

I know this seems to happen with plenty of bloggers. For each new blog page made, another thousand bloggers abandon theirs. I hate that I keep posting about how I am going to post.

The truth is that the last few months have been a roller coaster of emotions, stress,  and job insecurity that...
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I lied….

Okay so I didn't necessarily lie.... I am working on episode 4 as promised but due to being severely ill it is not done and it is passed Dec 1! You have my deepest apologies for  that if you had been checking for it. Tonight I work till about 8 pm or so, I am...
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I know I seemed to have completely fallen off the radar..which is probably not the best thing for a writer trying to build up her online presence, but it was needed. As I said I would, I am coming back by December. I have a few things to finish up that require my attention, but...
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Bleep in the Radar

Sorry I have been MIA. Things with my job, as I had expected, are getting increasingly worse. I am currently trying to regain full time employment either with my own company or another so been a little bit distracted. I will try to be back no later than the beginning of December.

Thank you...
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