Book Review: Redemption By Susannah Sandlin

The Good, The Bad...The Hubba Hubba ūüėČ

Overall I really enjoyed this book. I found it interesting, pretty well written and definitely found most of the cast very likeable. I was initially intrigued by the plot of their being a food shortage for the vampire world due to a vaccine that made a vaccinated human's blood poison.  Personally it reminded me a little of Daybreakers and I rather enjoyed that movie (though the difference there was humans were literally going extinct).

Sometimes when you are trying to take on a tried and true subject matter it can be difficult and daunting to turn it into something unique. The story starts at the beginning of what could become a vampire civil war. Some are choosing to evolve in order to survive. For example, the member's of Aiden Murphy's community Penton, and not all are happy with how they choose to live in peace with humans that provide them sustenance.  Those that are not happy with it are attempting to bring his scathe down, they feel Aiden has become too powerful. They hire his own brother, Owen Murphy to do the dirty work.

Amidst Owen's attempts to send a message to Aiden, the town doctor is murdered, and to care for their familiars (the humans that let them feed) the need to find a new doctor asap.

Enter Krys Harris. A doctor looking to escape to a small town and be her own boss. She obviously gets more than she bargained for when she comes to Penton to interview with Aiden Murphy. Krys I found very likeable and at times downright funny, my only beef with her was I just wish she had a little more self confidence as a heroine. Most us women can relate to not feeling beautiful, but at times I felt like she took it overboard. With her abusive background, I do understand it though and like I said, things like her humor and at times her bravery make her a relatable and fun character. I hope to see her continue to grow in the future books of Susannah's series.

Other noteable characters I really enjoyed meeting were Mirren, a tank of a vampire and Aiden's right hand man, as well as Hannah, a child-turned vampire with powerful psychic abilities. And these two together are especialy amusing given how much Mirren is afraid of her.

Amidst the threats of violence to their community  by Owen, Aiden and Krys find themselves very attracted to each other like moths to a flame (even that is an understatement). I do have to warn you the heat index does rise a bit more than most books I read. Some scenes are downright delicious and naughty. At times though  I found myself giggling at the fact that Aiden seems to become aroused  instantaneously almost anytime Krys is within a 10 foot radius or whenever she laughs.I attempted to imitate her laugh, but did not have the same desired effects on my husband.

But I digress. I definitely feel that Redemption is worth a read, and I look forward to the next two books in the series that are coming out later this year. Susannah has a great voice in her writing and not only weaves a great scene, good characters and plot, but many times she got quite a few laughs out of me.

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