Meet The Cast of Mistaken: Antagonists and Supporting Cast

I was going to do at least one more of these types of posts, but then I realized that some of the big supporting characters and antagonists don't appear right away and for good reasons. After all isn't that part of the suspense? The mystery? (okay...I'm being dork, but seriously...isn't it?)

So today, instead of introducing you to Dillan and Trey's evil nemesis (IF they really exist! MUHAHAHA..ehem excuse me) I thought I would talk about  some of their internal antagonists,  and one of my favorite supporting cast members too.

The one thing I can tell you about the characters that are antagonists in Mistaken is that it becomes apparent early on that Trey may have gotten mixed in with the wrong crowd, and other characters are just two-faced and greedy. I hope that doesn't give too much away!

So yes, Dillan definitely, DEFINITELY has some inner demons to deal with. The most obvious is her depression, living in what happened/as the victim. Early on we see how much she clings to Jamie/anything that reminds her of him. She can't let go. Now I think after being with someone for 9 years it is pretty difficult to accomplish that, but you have to try, and she isn't.  But her inability to "let go" transforms into other parts of her life as well. She can't "let go" of anything anymore. Her inhibitions, her anger, her fears...nothing...

Another inner conflict with Dillan is her feelings for Trey. With him looking exactly like Jamie, how easy would it be to let herself fall for him, and pretend... But that is a terrible idea obviously because just like Jamie, he is a completely seperate person, with different ideas, feelings, likes, and mannerisms.Whether she is truly starting to like him, or whether she is just trying to replace Jamie it is unclear to her.

Now to Trey. We discussed him yesterday and I think that his two biggest inner conflicts are the lies (lies...all LIES!) and his inability to let go as well. Mainly letting go of his mistakes so that he can learn from them. I have literally read scenes with Trey in it and told him to "grow some" out loud. I suppose that was rude of me but I think he eventually listened! Going along with the lies (cues Frau Farbissina again), he starts to have feelings for Dillan which not only conflict with the "don't do your dead brother's chick" code, but also means if he really cares about her that he is going to need to come clean to her.

Now... there isn't a huge list of people in the supporting cast (at least not that I can talk about right now), but there is Dillan's friend Kay.

Kay also met Dillan when she first moved to Midtown. Naturally, going for the same major, they saw each other quite a bit so the friendship just happened.  Needless to say Kay also knew Jamie very well as Dillan's other half, so while she doesn't exactly understand what Dillan is going through it pains her to see her friend in her current state. Many times she reaches out to Dillan even after Dillan pushes her away or blows her off. I think Kay of all the characters in the book has the biggest flaw. She cares way too much! isn't a bad thing at all...but man does it suck when you are that friend. All you want to do is help, but sometimes you have to step back and let your friend go through whatever they need to. Sometimes the best thing you can do is be there for them when they come out of it. 
Kay was inspired by a few people that are very near and dear to me. Originally her part in this story was quite small, but just her being there for Dillan has made her a big part of the story.

Well, I am off to hit my writing goal for the day, then back to bed. Still sick 🙁 Bummer. However I don't know if you noticed but I am STEADILY approaching the halfway mark in my first draft of Mistaken. Four days and counting that I have been hitting my writing goals. I would insert a clip of Stewie doing his sexy party but I already put two youtube videos in this post today..

Oh...what the hell!


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  1. Andrew Mocete

    I like the new look.
    Hey I'm assuming a lot this stuff isn't in the actual story, but background for the characters. Ever thought of making some of it, like Dillan and Kay meeting into short stories? Kelley Armstrong did little in between stories for her Otherworld series for fans on her website.

  2. Rayvenne Black

    Thanks! I finally had a little time to play with photoshop and put together a banner. That actually sounds like a great idea regarding short stories about the characters. I may have to ponder this a bit more and come up with some ideas. I really appreciate the suggestion. 🙂

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