Meet The Cast of Mistaken: Dillan

Today I thought I would give you all a peek into the world of "Mistaken", my current work in progress, which I have slated to be published in early 2011. Instead of just popping an excerpt up on here, I thought over the next couple days I could introduce you to a few special people that make this story possible. The main characters!

So, today you get to meet Dillan. She is a pretty awesome young woman in my opinion. Yes, Dillan is female, no she doesn't have a last name as of yet, but I am sure it will  come to me at some point. Now I know technically it is bad to first think of what your character looks like, but since I am a very visual person it honestly helps me develop the rest of them, able to get past them only being skin deep. So one of the first things I do when developing my outline is I pick out pictures (thanks Google!) that I think somewhat represent how my characters might look. It is almost like a casting session for a movie (such high hopes, I know! hehe). Anyways... Dillan I have found a bit harder to pin down if she'd look like any one person in particular, but here are a few faces that kind of remind me of her.

I think that Dillan really has that girl next door look, in that she downplays just how beautiful she is. Not everyone appreciates the real depth of her beauty, except the "boy next door". Dillan is 28 years old, a very accomplished Graphics Design Artist who escaped small town life to pursue life in the city. She moved to Midtown for college when she was 18 years old and has lived their ever since. It isn't the best city, and she probably wouldn't have stayed if she hadn't met Jamie.

Ah, Jamie... he rocked her world. They met in the mosh pit at a local music festival called MidFest when they were both 18. From the moment she accidentally gave him a bloody nose (these things do tend to happen when moshing), they were hooked on each other. Part of it could be attributed to the fact that neither one knew many people in town, both new to the area, but there was just something between them. A magnetic pull that was too strong to ignore.

Not being the traditional type, both were happily content to co-habitate. Life with Jamie, while not always perfect, was just right. A year before we come to meet Dillan, her life felt to her, like something out of a fairytale. She counted herself lucky to have the life she now had, and of course Jamie.

Now at 28,  and heading straight for 30, we come to meet a very different woman than before. It only took one day to take the most important thing in her life away from her, and the impact, the hole it left in her  is very visible. With Jamie violently stripped away from her the night of his intended proposal to her, Dillan's view on life and on love has darkened. So much so that she is failing to see she still has people in her life that care about her and genuinely worry about her. She is unable to see past what happened to Jamie and what it has done to her. Once being a bright beam of energy, the life of the party, we now find Dillan as a recluse, nearly despising any human interaction; many times too lost in her own head and in her own grief to pay attention to anyone or anything else.

However, through the course of Mistaken, Dillan somehow manages to find strengths in herself, even though her pain is still very palpable. She is the strength in all of us. When we get pulled through the wringer and we feel we have nothing left, that is when this strength comes out. When you think you can't stand back up, Dillan  comes out in all of us when we take those slow, painful steps and pull ourselves back out of the mud.

Dillan has a very special place in my own heart. She and Mistaken came about a year  after my father was taken from me in a horrific motorcycle accident, when I was still very much depressed and angry with the injustice of the world. It is never easy to lose someone, and it is even harder when it happens suddenly and you find you are out of time to make amends, say goodbye, or at least tell them you love them. In developing and writing Mistaken ( I had previously started and got a good way through, then decided to completely delete and rewrite it) I have found my own inner strengths, and I have been able to finally lift up my head and realize there is still a whole world going on around me.

So without further ado, world, meet Dillan!

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  1. Andrew Mocete

    I never, ever get tired of characters like this. It's great to cheer them on while they climb out of the hole they're in.

  2. Rayvenne Black

    Andrew, Thanks for the comment! I didn't realize just how strong Dillan really is for a while myself. She surprised me! I hope that whoever reads Mistaken when it comes out does genuinely enjoy cheering her on. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Valerie

    I like your character introductions. I look forward to meeting Dillan when she makes her Debut in Mistaken.

  4. Rayvenne Black

    Thanks! Today I will be posting the other MC's introduction….he is a bit shadier though ๐Ÿ™‚ Shadier…but also hot… ๐Ÿ˜€

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