Meet The Cast of Mistaken: Trey

Thanks so much to the people that commented on Dillan's introduction!  I am pleased to see she was so well recieved. Now the person I am going to introduce you to today is a bit more blurred, as far as if he is good or if he is bad. Honestly, I can't give out too much about him either without giving away the story either. So today I introduce you to Trey, Jamie's estranged twin brother.

Say what? Yes, he has an identical twin! (cue dramatic look) I can give that much away because it is going to be on the back cover of the book.  Speaking of the cover, if some of you have visited my "Current Projects" page, you will have already seen Trey.

Stock Photo Courtesy  David Nanchin

Yep, that blue-eyed suspicious looking guy on the cover is Trey. He is a bit on the scruffier side compared to his brother but still a very handsome.  He has been out of his brother's life since they were both 18, at least for the most part. Ten years later, he makes his way from Portland to Midtown (a fictional East Coast City) in hopes of reuniting and making amends with his brother.

If you read yesterday's all know what happened to poor Jamie. Unfortunately for Trey, he did not get there before his brother was killed. Jamie also never bothered to tell Dillan about Trey either. So rather then finding his brother in Midtown, he finds a very confused and very suspicious Dillan.

One hell of a situation to be in, huh? Right away, Trey is taken with Dillan, but of course finds himself conflicted with the attraction to his dead brother's girl. It also doesn't help that he is NOT being very honest with Dillan for a good while. Trey has been one of those kind of guys that always meant well...but as they say "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." Trey has many skeletons in his closet, but we come to find out quickly that Jamie was even hiding a few of his own from Dillan too.

I think that there are many times where you will want to like Trey, but also be slightly mad at him until he finally grows a pair. Similar to Dillan's conflicts with herself, Trey has problems with himself that he eventually has to face and overcome in order to go from being a bad guy to a hero. In the process of making that transition however, he may have to sacrifice the most.

World, meet Trey!

4 Responses

  1. Andrew Mocete

    As if Dillan didn't have enough on her plate. What else do you plan on throwing at her?

  2. Rayvenne Black

    Oh she'll be fine… maybe. 🙂
    Seriously though, how much more awkward can you make an already bad situation? The answer is much more, and well… if you are even thinking about it, that might happen. *adjusts halo so it doesn't fall off her horns*

  3. Dmytry

    Wow. I think I'm starting to fall in love with your books setup. Sounds very interesting. And Trey, I wouldn't mind reading about someone like that.

  4. Rayvenne Black


    I know I said it on twitter but THANK YOU! That is a really nice compliment. Posting the characters on here is giving me a feel for how people might relate to them. I'm glad you like the setup, I think once I get through the first draft, revise, edit, rinse, repeat, it could be a pretty decent story. 🙂

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