Hunger Games

I know that there is a lot of buzz going around about this trilogy as well as the movie. I will admit I saw the movie trailer first before I knew there was a book, but I was intrigued from the start. Honestly when I found the books it didn't really surprise me because many times when a story seems new, different and riveting such as this one, it almost always is based off a book.
Anyways, I bought the trilogy on my kindle and over the last week finally got time to get through the first book. I am in love with this trilogy now.
While I was reading I took note of some things that I liked about Suzanne Collins writing style and techniques. Things I felt she really did an amazing job on, things that made me turn the page.
She kept everything moving. There was nearly constant action from the get-go. Never once did I feel like the story was dragging. There was almost always danger or tension lurking around every corner and building up the plot.
She threw in some great surprises. Without giving away things for those of you that haven't read it, she has some great twists thrown in there that a few times made my jaw drop (literally).
Serious internal conflict with the main character. How do you care about someone when you know at some point one of you has to die?
As it gets into the other two books, it starts to become apparent that it isn't only about the Hunger Games and the enemies aren't each other. It gets so much bigger than the characters themselves.  I was absolutely in love with this trilogy, as it seems many are doing.
Hate to jump on the bandwagon...but I am already buckled in and waiting with bated breath to see the film adaptions of the next two. And I have seen the first movie already twice.
For those other Hunger Games lovers like myself, here are some funny Hunger Games related vids you might find amusing.

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