Silver lining?

Despite all the poo connected with having to switch departments at work I am now looking on the bright side. While my pay cut suck (I'm talking nearly a 30% cut in pay), it could be worse pay for the work I do.Honestly for the most part, I usually enjoy what I do.  I get to sit in an office and most days have very little human interaction besides the couple of co-workers, my boss, and occasionally her boss. Sometimes I get  pissed off, but usually my work days are not too bad.

Before my current role I did several months as a supervisor, which I did like, but it consumed my life. I was easily working 50 + hours, rarely taking lunch or breaks (except for the occasional potty break which even then was hard to come by). When I wasn't at work, I was worried about work.

And suddenly I wondered why I had no energy to write anything. Or just do some leisurely reading. While I can't blame everything on work, I can say this was a big reason I fell off the face of the blogosphere and twitterverse.

Where I am now at work, I generally only work my 40 hours. I get my hour lunch, and I take my breaks. When I go home,  I am home and my mind is free to think about other things.  Not all the stress in my life is gone, but I am able  to get back to what really matters.

First and foremost, my family.
Secondly, my writing (Hell, I even have time to read again!)

And thirdly, I am sorry but I have to add it... roller derby is also a big part of my life right now. (Got to keep myself physically fit and this certainly does the job!)

I am doing my best to bounce back with everything and look on the bright side.

Sure my work schedule generally isn't ideal, I rarely ever get a weekend night off or even 2 consecutive days. But on the bright side, I am usually home during one week day which allows me to be alone to work on things such as writing. Also working late nights on the weekend, things are generally slow and it affords me some time to work on ... you guessed it ...WRITING!

Another thing, being in the predicament I am in...with money being tight now that I am no longer the big breadwinner I was, there is a bigger fire under my ass to accomplish my goals for my writing career. And to keep writing.

Do I want to sit in my office at work, making what I make, or do I want to get my writing out there and try to make a living (be it  part-time, or eventually full-time) as a writer?

Worst-case scenario... I don't make diddly squat. I am in no worse shape than my current situation.

So thanks job...Initially taking the cut that I did felt like the equivalent of being trampled by a herd of elephant after six years (almost seven) of working my butt off for the same company. Because you have inspired me even more so to get my ass out there as a writer.

Who knows? Maybe one day I won't need a job...maybe one day this will be my job full-time.

If that's what this all leads to, dealing with all that crap will have been worth it.

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