And Then The Real Fun Starts!

Don't mind how sleepy I look!

I did it.... I have let go of Mistaken's draft  and it is on it's way to be edited by a very dear and trusted friend. Normally I would definitely recommend using a professional editor, however my friend Andrea is someone that I feel will help improve and polish Mistaken into its final form. She is very well educated, well-spoken, and an avid reader. If it were anyone else, and if my money situation wasn't what it is currently... I would certainly utilize a more established editor.

But I digress. My point of this post is that after all this time I have loosened my grip on my debut book. I am not going to call it my baby. When I picked up the print copy I made for her... I'll admit I got slightly misty-eyed though.  It feels weird that right now I don't have any of Mistaken  to work on.
Oh... about that.
Now that we know the printing is finally imminent within the next few months, I have been gearing up to promote not only Mistaken, but it's release party. I  have learned a lot from other indie authors and also have some plans of my own. I will be going into detail in the coming blogs, and they will start getting more frequent.
On top of that, I am working on the outline to my next book "Possess" and am getting equally as amped about writing it as I am about releasing Mistaken.
Despite all this bunch of literary awesomeness, much of my life outside of writing is a bit disjointed. From work issues to illness in the family, life is throwing a lot at my little household right now.  But I am taking it as a lesson.
When you are going through hell, hold on even stronger to your dreams and make your own luck. Keep your chin up and keep at it. Something has to give eventually, don't let it be you!
Speaking of...I finally passed my laps in derby! Told ya a  little hard work will go a long way!

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