Episode 4: Little Miss Sunshine

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“Leave me alone! Just leave me alone!” Lucas’ voice was desperate, pleading as he slammed his back against his apartment door. The abrupt laughter that had taunted him in the elevator only seemed to grow once he’d confined himself.  He clutched his hands to his ears, cowering to the floor of the foyer  as the shadows seemed to grow around him. He prayed Kay hadn’t followed him when he’d run out of the elevator, he didn’t think he could control himself if she did. His heart thumped wildly in his chest, its sound magnified in his hands.

"Just go away! Please...just go away!" He pleaded quietly. Suddenly it seemed Lucas’ pleading was answered. Silence filled the air; the laughing stopped. Hesitantly, he dropped his hands to his sides, looking around his empty, dark apartment.  He pulled himself up off the floor, still wide-eyed like a feral beast, his chest still pounding.  His breathing was heavy as he dragged his feet against the carpet to his bathroom. All he wanted was to knock himself out into a dreamless daze.

He felt the floor change to tile beneath his shoes as he inched down the dark hallway. Reaching his arms into the bathroom he let his fingers slide against the wall until they fumbled with the light switch. A moment later the bathroom lights flickered on with a buzz. He stepped towards the counter and braced himself against the Formica countertop. His chest rose and fell deeply as he tried to calm his breathing.  Maybe it would stay away tonight, just once.  Sweat dripped down his forehead, escaping the dirty blonde hairline as a few strands fell over his face.  Lucas’ hand shook as he as twisted the metal faucet knob then held his fingers under the cold water that gushed from the faucet. 
His eyes fell unto the orange prescription container sitting by his toothbrush. He didn’t remember what kind of pills they were. He’d recently tried self medicating his psychosis with a variety of different anti- psychotics thanks to the wonderful world of internet pharmacies from Canada.
“Maybe I should just let him win…” Lucas sighed as he placed his knife on the counter and grabbed the bottle of pills, dumping two into his open palm.
“Mmm hmm…. I like that idea!” Two glowing eyes stared at him from the bathroom mirror, before their head cocked back in maniacal laughter.
“Fuck you!” Lucas growled, squeezing his eyes shut as he tossed back the pills and swallowed them without taking a drink.
“No….Lucas, I am afraid YOU are the one that is fucked.” The sinister voice seemed to grow around him, “I’m not going anywhere!”  Anger flared within Lucas. Before he could think, his fist balled up and slammed into the mirror, the glass shattering around it and slicing into his knuckles. He yelped in pain as he pulled his hand back. He gritted his teeth , holding back tears the threatened  to release a flood of pain and emotion. He wouldn’t give it that satisfaction.
Stumbling toward his bed, he found an undershirt and wrapped his hand up before falling onto his mattress.  He lay there, eyes squeezed shut, ignoring the throbbing pain, ignoring the taunting laugh, until both slowly faded into darkness.

When Lucas' eyes met Kay's the next morning as he walked into Biology, dread immediately set in. Her glossy pale pink lips curled into a grin that extended to her eyes as she motioned for him to sit near her. He hesitantly walked toward the row she was sitting in after standing at the door awkwardly for a moment. Faint laughing whispered in his ear as he made his way toward her. This was a bad idea.
"Lucas! Are you feeling better?" Her eyebrows pinched together with concern as he sat next to her. 
He nodded, "Yes, thanks. I apologize for running off so abruptly. I had gotten sick."
"I had been concerned when you ran off like that. I'm glad you are feeling better now though." Her voice was genuine and sweet. They both turned their attention to the instructor that had just walked into the room. He felt relieved, not needing to continue their conversation. Kay seemed like a nice girl, she didn't need to be anywhere near him.
As the instructor began, Lucas was able to engross himself in the lecture and nearly forgot her presence next to him as he took detailed notes. He felt to some degree, like a normal student, not one that went out and killed strangers between classes. But as soon as the instructor finished his lecture, panic seemed to set back in as he felt Kay's hand touch his. He quickly recoiled his hand, leaving her with a confused and hurt expression across her face.
If he hadn't looked back to see it, it would not have made him feel bad...in fact she would have probably left him alone. But as he reached the end of the row, Lucas did look over his shoulder at her. He saw her innocent brown eyes full of surprise and rejection. He silently cursed himself as he turned away, hearing her quickly gathering her things behind him.
"Hey!" her soft voice called from behind him as her hand gently grabbed his arm. He sighed, turning to face her once more.
"What is it?" He decided being rude was the best plan to deal with her. Her face seemed to scrunch a little at his tone of voice.
"I wanted to ask you a favor. I need to find a tutor for this class." Kay explained, undeterred by his rudeness.
"So, go speak with Student Services" Lucas nodded toward the building across the courtyard outside.
"They don't have anyone that can meet when I am able to. Besides, you are in the same class as me, and I know you have the highest grade. Pleassssse?" She clutched her hands together, her lips pouting for added effect.
"I don't know, I'm usually pretty busy..." He answered dryly. Something close to a whimper escaped her as her eyes widened. Why did she have to do this? Couldn’t she just take no for an answer?
“Fine, I’ll do it.” He grumbled. Without warning, Kay flung her arms around him. His muscles tensed in surprise at a gesture that had become so foreign to him.
“Thank you sooo much! Meet me at my apartment around 8 pm tonight?” She pulled away after a second, practically bouncing on her feet. He didn’t understand how one person could be so happy about finding a Biology tutor. He managed to stutter a response before she handed him her apartment number bounded away. Oh god….she is just perfect! it snickered in his ears.

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