Tales In Midtown: Episode 3: The Elevator

(my apologies that this episode is late...and rather short. I am not going to make excuses despite my week, prepare for a more hefty episode next week)
If you haven't read about Lucas before... you may want to check out Ep.1Ep.2
    Lucas had hoped the blackout would have quieted the laughter and heckling.  In the presence of Kay, however he was out of luck. Despite knocking his head against the pavement, he did his best to steady himself and walk into their apartment building.  He could feel Kay’s eyes watching him as he treaded toward the elevator.  Ignore it, ignore it, he told himself, his eyes concentrated on the wooden floor.
    His feet thunked against the hollow floor of the elevator as he stepped in, followed by Kay. He spun around to the control panel and pressed the button for the fourth floor. Almost there, keep him out of your head. It was taking everything in Lucas to do so, to ignore Kay’s presence.  For a brief moment, it had seemed it was working. The voice quieted to barely a whisper.  Lucas sighed in relief, closing his eyes as the elevator ascended up.
    “Oh come on Lucas! This is perfect.... hot and alone!” The voice growled at him. His eyes shot open to meet two darker ones glaring at him deviously from the elevator doors.  Lucas’ muscles clenched as he watched his features twist in his reflection.  “Do it Lucas! I know that knife is still in your pocket…stab the bitch!”  Go away, GO AWAY!  He squeezed his eyes shut, his hands balled in a fist, fighting against the intoxicating urge that threatened to consume him.
    “Oh my god! Are you having another black out?” His body jolted as Kay’s hand grasped his arm. His eyes shot open, connecting with her deep brown eyes full of concern.  He closed his eyes, shaking his head as the shadow crept behind her like a fog.
    “Ding!” Lucas pushed past her as the elevator doors slid open, making a beeline for his apartment.  He could hear an audible gasp of surprise leave her lips as he walked away from her. She probably thought he was being an asshole. He hoped so, she would be safer if she did.

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  1. Andrew Mocete

    A nice little episode mini.

  2. Rayvenne Black

    lol thanks… it's been a rough week…

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