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Guest Blogger Liz Finch
I’ve been trying to write this article for hours now. Every time I get part of it done, I hit the delete button and start over.
To be honest, I don’t know much about writing. I can honestly say that everything I’ve learned I’ve taught myself.
Here’s what I do know: 
Be Passionate. Passion will fuel your writing and help you take it to new heights. Passion will be the thing that keeps you writing when no one believes in your work except for you. Passion will chain you to your writing desk.
Be Real. Your readers will know when you are not being honest with them. Tell them your weaknesses, your fears, your hopes, your dreams. When you open up to your readers, they will open up to you.
Be Committed. Athletes work out every day, why should writers be any different? Constant practice is what will separate the mediocre author from the great author.
Be Angry. What is keeping you from writing the next break out novel? Who is holding you back? Get angry about these negative influences in your life and then cut them out. Life is too short to be a willing hostage to those who wish to hold you back.
Be Open. Sometimes people will have feedback for you that you don’t like. But it’s important to be open to all kinds of feedback, remember, they are your audience.
Be-lieve. Believe in yourself, your powers, your ability. Believe in your book, your article, your short story. Believe that you have the power to change lives with your writing.
Be Courageous. People are not always going to like what you write. That’s okay. Just remember to keep standing up for what you believe you.
So remember these short truths, and you are well on your way to becoming the next big thing!
L Finch
About Liz
Liz wrote her first novel at the age of 13, her adaptation of "The Hobbit" as a play was sold at age 16, second novel was drafted at 21. She is currently working on her third novel.
Be sure to follow her blog at Novelist Liz !

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