Just another reason…

With so many people being unemployed and unable to find a job right now the thought of being laid off is scary. And it's a real and valid fear. Even going to college doesn't guarantee you anything these days. I have been working at the company I'm with for 5 years now, and I have slowly crawled up the ladder a little bit. I don't want to go any further position-wise here because well....this isn't what I want to do with my life. It's what I am doing to pay bills while I go to school.

Some days I am not crazy about my job, but I don't hate it. It's a decent paying job and my coworkers are some really great people. Also, they are fine with me taking classes while working here and switching my schedule around to work with school...who could ask for more?

Now, before I get into where I am going with this, let me explain that we have several different accounts within the one company I work for. I was on one that was paying for my position but that account ended. So I was transferring to a different account. Well, thanks to someone dropping the ball, or simply thinking this issue would work itself out, I currently don't have a position. I'm in a type of purgatory...not yet laid off, but not necessarily secure in a job. I got sent home 3 hours early yesterday because my boss said, "we don't have anyone we can bill you to, you need to go home while we try and resolve this."

Granted they are working on a resolution, trying to find a spot for me, but this feeling it gave me sucked. Being at a company with such a high attrition rate, you would think they would really value those of us that have stuck it out, and really put into the company. Yesterday felt like a slap in the face. Someone forgot, someone ignored an issue that directly affected me without even making me aware of the situation until it got to the point of sending me home for an undetermined amount of time.

Just another reason I need to push myself ahead with my writing...just another reason I need to push myself through school. You can't rely on others to secure your own future, sometimes you have to go out there and grab you future all on your own.

This is a call to action.

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  1. Dmytry

    Great post.

    And I really hope your situation does resolve in a good way.

    Now, I quote "The Departed,"

    "No one gives it to you. You have to take it."

  2. Amos Keppler

    I'm on sick leave, right now, but while I was working I needed the money. I hated my job, but I needed it.

    I would rather not be on sick leave, rather not be sick, of course, but these two years on sick leave have been great. I've been able to write a lot and to start publishing my novels.

  3. Rayvenne Black

    Dmytry- That's an awesome movie…and good advice 🙂

    Amos, lol in a way, if I was positive we could manage, I wouldn't mind being on sick leave either, or my husband finding an awesome paying job so he can just be my sugardaddy LOL…though I think he would need to be older than just 2 years my senior…. *shrugs* I can dream lol.

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