eBook Vs. PaperBack: My Personal Observations

Last night was the start of a beautiful relationship. I was filled with glee and excitement as I drove home  after a 10 hour work day. I knew as I walked up the front walk to my door there in all its glory would sit a brown box with the familiar Amazon smile logo on the side of it. If you hadn't guessed already, or looked at my twitter, I received my Kindle 3 last night!

Despite the exhaustion I felt from the work day I hurried inside and ripped open the box with much gusto, squealing in delight (yes, I squealed...).  I've had a Kindle App on my Motorola Droid, but this was so much better. Definitely worth the $139 I paid for it. I spent a little extra for a cover, since I am admittedly horrible at protecting my electronics.

I didn't get the one with 3G. The city I live in offers free WiFi within city limits, so I just hopped onto theirs and downloaded several books.

I will be the first to admit that before I started getting interested in the indie author scene I was very hesitant to try out an eReader. Even yesterday I had still thought I wouldn't enjoy reading my Kindle nearly as much as I enjoyed reading from an actual book. I have to say my Kindle won me over very quickly.

Some of my favorite things to note are:

  • No need for bookmarks! It saves your place for you , and you can bookmark favorite parts, highlight, and make notes on parts of a book to your heart's content. With a regular book, I tend to be especially great  at accidentally closing the book and losing my place.
  • Easier on your wrists. The lighter weight is definitely a plus. I remember the nightmarish weight of trying to hold and read my book of the combined LOTR trilogy...I checked...its longer than the bible and way heavier.
  • Environmentally...less paper used, no gas wasted to deliver books to a bookstore, for me to drive to one, etc.  
  • Less clutter in the house. I already have shelves that are jam-packed with books. Saying that, some books I might still buy the paperback if I really wanted it.
  • I didn't feel like I was reading off of a computer screen...though benefits like adjusting text size are a BIG bonus. I can't adjust the text size in my paperbacks, and this has proven to cause me to read less. Small text puts me to sleep regardless of if I wear my glasses or not. (I'm farsighted).
  • I'm also able to load audio books that I own onto it and the speaker quality is great.

Overall, I have to say, boys and girls,  that I think I have switched over to the dark side...I am thoroughly impressed and happy with my Kindle. I still will always have a special place in my heart and my bookshelf for my beloved paperbacks that I currently own. I am sure I will still frequent my favorite indie book store in Historic Sanford  too. But I am quickly falling in love with my Kindle. It is a great way to show support for some of my favorite indie authors and discover even more of them. I can pay decent prices for their e books, happy in knowing that it is them, the authors, that receive the royalties and not some big NY publisher.


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  1. Daryl Sedore

    Wow. Makes me want one. Damn.

    And I was going to get an iPad.

    Thanks for the review. Enjoy it and read lots.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Rayvenne Black

    Thanks for the comment Daryl! Just an FYI on the iPad, lots of people are reporting eye issues from reading on them from brightness. The kindle actually looks like a book page 🙂 Really easy on the eyes. I read so much last night without feeling eye strain that I normally get! As I said, I'm in love hehe

  3. Andrew Mocete

    I've got a Kindle on my PC and I like it, but even if I had a "real" one I'd still be buying bunches of physical books. Most of my downloads are from indies that don't have anything else available.

  4. Rayvenne Black

    I downloaded the Kindle for PC, but when I read, unless it's something short it's hard to keep my attention on it. I have to get all comfy and curl up on the couch or somewhere equally comfy to do some novella/novel reading. The Kindle App on my phone was just too tiny, hurting my eyes. Wow, I sound like Goldilocks…(this apps too small, this app is too computery…my Kindle is just right?)

    I will still definitely by some paperbacks, but as you said, I see myself downloading lots of indie books. I also downloaded lots of free classics and did buy Slaughterhouse Five (never read it and really wanted to), but then I also got Zoe Winter's Blood Lust, and Michelle Davidson Argyle's Cinders.

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