10 Warning Signs You May Be A Romance Author

I talked about this one before... I have always had issues with genre. You see, I myself  as a reader, don't necessarily stick to one genre. So naturally I get a little confused as to where my own work fits as it  generally has elements from more than one genre. So when I try to figure out where it belongs it is like having a triangle shaped block but only a square or circle hole to choose from. I could try and jam it in one of them, but it won't fit just right.

So after releasing Mistaken, I looked to see what others were saying, what there opinions were on the genre and gathered feedback. It's a little funny because I suppose I saw this one coming, but I just didn't want to admit it.  Why? I'm not sure exactly.  I suppose thinking that I don't fit into one genre made me feel a little different? Either way, I am swinging open the closet door and coming out.

I, J.A. Howell, write Romance. Romantic Suspense, to be specific.

*nods solemnly*

It's true! I've been denying it even though several signs were there, glaringly obvious. While Mistaken doesn't fit perfectly into a romance genre, there were many warning signs that it fit better in there than I thought. Stepping back and looking over my writing and my habits, I've come to realize all the warning signs were there. I'm honestly not sure how I could have missed it. Here are just some of the things I observed. If you do these things, you too could possibly be an author of Romance.

  1. Within your stories, there is generally a heavy emotional push and pull between the two main characters in the story along with an obvious attraction to one another.
  2. You find yourself often daydreaming about how you will get your hero/heroine together.
  3. In your reading, you are attracted to stories with an intriguing romantic plot.
  4. In your reading, you often develop crushes on fictional characters, and you sigh happily during the really sweet parts where they are being romantic.
  5. In your writing, you feel there has to be at least one amazing love scene (read, love scene NOT sex scene).
  6. Nothing makes you rage more than when a romantic plot in a book feels forced and unbelievable (I'm sorry but I hate when characters are madly in love after knowing each other for about one day. ONE DAY!).
  7. You know the difference between love and lust and can wield them powerfully in your own writing to create a compelling attraction that grabs the reader's emotions.
  8. Your story may contain other intriguing plots, such as a murder mystery, but let's face it, the relationship between your hero/heroine is central.
  9. When you think of your target audience, it's probably mostly women.
  10. You generally end your stories with a happy and emotionally satisfying ending, even if you put your characters through hell to get there.

So that about does it.  I never realized how well I do fit into the category of a romance writer myself, and I certainly don't think it's a bad thing. Writing is something I find cathartic to myself, and I hope that it gives readers an equally satisfying feeling.   Some of the feedback I have gotten about Mistaken indicates that, if that is my goal, I am on the right path.

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  1. ::sigh:: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. I guess that settles it…I’m a Romance author too. Oh well…at least I’m in good company. 🙂 Excellent post!!!

    • Why thank you! This post came out of a discussion at the author meet up I attend every other week and I just had to write it. 🙂

  2. Awesome post! Wear it loud, you do it proud 🙂

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