A Little Update From The Not-So-Sunshiny State

Hey everyone!

So, if it seems like I sort of fell off the face of the internet for a little bit... I did.

What was I doing? I decided that this year I am actually going to do NaNoWriMo, so with about 15-20k words to go, I strapped myself in and finished off the first draft of Possess. That baby, well the first draft, is DONE. And to tell you the truth, I am really happy with how it came out.

Now that I am just under a week away from NaNoWriMo I am going to be doing further planning and research for the next book. I am very VERY excited about this project because people have been asking if I was going to make it.

So what am I going to be working on?

The sequel to Mistaken! It's title will be "Deliver"

For those that have not yet read Mistaken, be warned that the description of Deliver does contain spoilers, so I will put it behind the cut, so you don't have to read it just yet.  Not only am I participating in NaNo this year, but I will also be helping coordinate some local write-ins and attending some of the bigger ones in Downtown Orlando myself. I will ALSO be editing Possess during November in hopes of getting it to the editor in December and out in early January. The end of this year is looking prettttty busy for me, but I promise I will be on here too. I have some great blog tours coming through, so be sure to check those out as well!

Now, without further ado, here is the working cover for Deliver. This is not the FINAL copy of it, but I wanted you all to see it!

Click read more for the description, remember,


It's been four years since Dillan and Trey set foot in Midtown. Four years since they defeated Carlos, leader of the SoCal Cartel and started their lives anew.

But if they thought four years meant it was all over, sadly they were mistaken.

A nostalgic trip back to Midtown quickly takes a disastrous turn when an eight months pregnant Dillan goes missing at MidFest and Trey receives a disturbing phone call. Someone has been waiting in the wings to get their revenge and with Dillan about to give birth they've seized the perfect opportunity.

In the wake of Carlos's death a powerful deal between families was shattered, business and hard-fought territory lost. Dillan's life will be forfeit as soon as she gives birth, and their child-their new life, is going to be traded to the highest bidder.

Without hesitation, Trey sets out on a cross-country rescue mission to save the woman he loves and the life they've created. He wasn't able to keep his brother safe from the cartel, but he swore to protect Dillan from the same fate. He knows it's a promise he better keep, because if he doesn't deliver, the cartel will.

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