A Long Silence

So it's been a long while to say the least since I actually made a legit blog post on here. Without getting into it all, because we all know there is more to every story than the words you see on the page (or in this instance, online), it's been a tough year and a half. Not all bad. But definitely a lot of growing pains.

The last time I made an actual post, I talked about the divorce and everything being copacetic but really a lot of that was saving face. The ending a ten year relationship and moving away to somewhere new, away from all my family and friends was hard. Other things too, caused me to question myself, my ability and completely withdraw. It took me the majority of last year to finally complete the first draft of book one of The Gathering Shadows Saga-- and at that it took a lot of help and encouragement from friends to get myself in the right headspace to do it.

I'm just not writing as much as I used to and while that's okay, it sucks to be there. I miss getting at least 3-4 books out in one year, being able to complete a whole series in a year. I won't make excuses because when it comes down to it, most days I'm just not sitting down to write. I always plan to but then depression and anxiety win over and instead I just sleep more.

I'm not perfect and I know these are things I need to work on, so I guess talking about it I'm trying to acknowledge it so I can move on and fix it. I'm not going to make promises or set dates for when Gathering Shadows come out, but I am striving to write every day...if only just a little, to get myself moving again.

It's a little discouraging seeing others still going full speed ahead, but then I don't know what's going on in their lives or what their situation is. I feel like things have fallen stagnant, and I'm afraid that when I finally do put these books out that nobody will be there to read them...but I'm not giving up. It's just taken me a little bit to find my way back and remember how much I loved writing to the point where I couldn't keep myself away from it.

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