Beyond the Cage by Alana Sapphire – NEw Release + Review

Title: Beyond the Cage
Author: Alana Sapphire
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: March 22, 2016





MMA champ, Cameron ‘K.O.’ Jackson, is the embodiment of every woman’s dream man. He’s smart, tall, dark, and handsome, with a bad boy twist. The only problem is, this Prince Charming doesn’t talk. That’s right. He acknowledges he can, he just…doesn’t.
The night I met him, his beauty turned my brain to mush. Then, he kissed me, and my world tilted on its axis. He was a distraction, something I didn’t need being twenty-two years old and pre-med. Besides, I had no business even thinking about a violent MMA fighter, so I walked away with no intention of seeing him again. Apparently, he had other plans.
He tracked me down, and I brushed all my objections aside, diving head first into a relationship because he intrigued me. As I get to know him, I learn he’s not the psychotic killer I thought he was, but the more I’m with him, it seems the less I know. He’s a conundrum – scary fighter and gentle giant; public figure, private man. Mystery surrounds him and no one is more curious than I am. Well, you know the saying – ‘curiosity killed the cat’. Cameron’s world is dangerous, and I’m about to learn firsthand. When it breaks down my door, will he be able to save me?

I watch him move across the room, my mouth gaping. Shit. Using the back of my hand, I check the corners of my lips for drool. Okay, I’m good. His body is simply…divine. My eyes rove over his protruding pectorals and down to the perfectly formed ridges of his abs. The desire to run my tongue in the grooves of his V-line boils inside me. He turns away, and I watch the muscles play in his back as he moves. Lying on my stomach, I place my palms on either side of my face and observe him. Every movement is like a touch to my most sensitive parts; that’s how strong his effect on me is. How can putting on deodorant be sexy? I don’t know, but the way he does it…
Our eyes meet and he gives me that knowing smile of his.
“I think I’m obsessed with your body.”
The smile turns into a smirk and he sticks his finger into the towel, letting it fall to the floor.
Fuck. Me. The perfection continues. He’s not aroused at all but still totally impressive. My breath catches and my pussy twitches. As he moves, his dick swings between his powerful thighs. Yeah, I have to check for drool again.

I enjoyed this book.  I was frustrating throughout, but I really did enjoy it.
The fact that Cameron doesn't talk at all threw me off.  At first it made me think about a different story with an MMA fighter that doesn't talk, and I was turned off.  But thankfully I pushed through because it's not the same thing.  Cameron has a reason for his silence, the problem is waiting to find out what.
Jasmine walking away early on was understandable and a solid choice on her part.  Cameron chasing her... well, I loved that he wasn't willing to just let her go, but when I think about how I would feel if this giant, silent man had tracked me down, I would be a little freaked out.
I loved that they were able to communicate even though he didn't talk.  And honestly, I think it may have helped improve their connection since they had to work that much harder to communicate.
Give this story a shot.  I promise it was worth it.  4 stars.

Music and writing are my two great loves. I always thought I'd be doing one or the other. Alas, I cannot sing or play an instrument so I'm relegated to listening to music (and eating copious amounts of chocolate) while I write. Hoping you'll enjoy my characters as much as I do!




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