Book Review: Mated

I finally got around to finishing  Blood Lust (Preternaturals Book 1) over the last week. It had been a while since I read the first story "Kept" within this trilogy so I picked up where I left off and read Claimed, then Mated.

Out of the last two, Claimed didn't leave much of an impression on me. It wasn't that it was bad. I think for me, it was more that I didn't feel very connected to the main characters as much as I wanted to. The story felt like it jumped around a little and the ending also seemed abrupt. Still I thought Zoe did a great job continuing to build up the world that these preturnaturals all dwell in.

Once I'd finished Claimed, I latched onto Mated. I have to say that I really enjoyed it.

Here is the review I posted over at Goodreads.

I have to say that overall I really enjoyed it. While there was some minor things that annoyed me about the writing,they were not enough to stop me from really enjoying the story of Jane and Cole.

Jane although human has vampire blood in her which gives her the predicament of not being completely like a human and not being completely kindred.

Jane appears in Claimed, but she comes off as somewhat vapid, so when she first appears in Mated I wasn't too sure about it, however Zoe did a great job really filling in the depths of this character. I really liked understanding her past and it made me actually think about others I mistook for being a bit shallow, only to later find out that they'd gone through hell. It made Jane feel like a real genuine protagonist that you wanted to cheer for.

Cole is the alpha of his pack and despite the hard (and toned) outer shell he is obviously a big softie. He finds himself very drawn to Jane and not wanting to frighten her, despite the fact that what brought them together was him taking her captive caveman style (hehehe).

I felt like their love story was more real to me than Anthony's and Charlee's in Claimed, and both Cole and Jane had a bit more dimension to them.

The few things that I guess jarred me a little while reading was that sometimes things would happen rather quickly with no sort of foreshadowing or real motivation for happening.

*spoiler alert*

For example. If you knew deep down that you were safe with this person, and knew that it was a full moon, why run outside? I couldn't really see any true point in this happening but it felt like the author only did it to nudge the plot line to move along.

This however doesn't make her a bad writer. In fact I really do enjoy her writing and I have seen other authors do the same. It was just something I noticed that confused me a bit.

The genuine characters and an intriguing story are all there, mixed with some amusing dialogue and just a bit of spiciness. As I said, Overall a good story that I really enjoyed.

I definitely still plan to continue reading on in Zoe Winter's Preturnatural Series after finishing these 3 Novellas of hers.

If you are interested in her books, definitely check her out


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