Book Trailers Galore!


Happy Friday everybody!

Just a little over a month until Books 1 & 2 of  The Possess Saga come out!

Look what I've got for you 😉

Possess's Trailer. I absolutely LOVE the music. It took me forever to find something I liked.

[youtube width="600" height="365" video_id="lbCSm4gueEw"]

And Brody's story. Ugh... I love Brody. Have I mentioned that before?

The text is actually from his dialogue at the beginning of the book.

Here is the first two paragraphs from his story.

"Ya always wonder what it will be like when ya die. Will there be bright flashes of light? Will ya be whisked away, far up inta the heavens? If you've led a treacherous life, will the earth give way beneath ya and ya be cast down into the fiery pits of hell? And what about yer loved ones? Will ya get a glimpse of them as ya flee this earthly realm? Will yer life --  all the good, the bad, and the things ya never got ta do -- flash before yer eyes like a movie? Or does everything just fade ta black? The only thing I know about death, is that none of that happened ta  me. For some reason, I'm still here."

Leaning against the windowsill, I watched the small crowds move through the street, unaware of my watchful eye. I watched them every day, unable to do anything more. With a sigh of resignation, I pressed my forehead against the cool glass and closed my eyes.

“I suppose ya’d like ta know what happened.”

[youtube width="600" height="365" video_id="6Hkr_vVC3BI"]

If you haven't already liked the FB page for The Possess Saga you should. I will be doing a lot of fun giveaways and even some free episodes (free "extra" scenes of some of the characters) that I will be releasing info on how to get on that page.

Hope you enjoyed the videos, and the little sneak peek of Brody!


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