Brainsplosions: One thing leads to another…

photo courtesy, the rest of Possess has been sent to the editor with added revisions done. That bad boy is just under 85k!

I love writing first drafts. I really do. But I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love revisions. Why? They are scary and challenging but ultimately they are what makes your story stronger and makes it into a book.

It's really crazy to think back to when I first started Possess. I would have to say I started it back in August (just writing a little bit at a time while I was finishing off work on Mistaken). What it was then and what it is now are so drastically different in some parts and I never would have thought all these other stories and characters would be popping up with it.

I really cannot wait for everybody to get to meet Harley, Nolan, Brody, and Aggie.  They are the core of  The Possess Saga and the ones that started it all for me. Each will be branching off into some of their own tales and even more characters are going to be coming out of the wood work as well (Grant and Camden, my wild Scots!).

Out of all these characters, the one that has surprised me the most is Brody. I had only meant for him to be "the ghost" in Possess, but even he seemed to take on a life of his own and demanded I write his story (which is where book 2 came from back in December). Then, as I was finishing off his story, because of things that happened there and in Possess I knew I had to write a story for Aggie. I am currently 30k into her draft and aiming to have that one out in July. That makes three stories that Brody just HAD to be in, when he was only meant to appear briefly in Possess. What can I say? He is kind of my favorite.

Though there is something about each one of these characters that I kind of love and can't help but write about. Hopefully that gets passed on to those that choose to read it and they find themselves enjoying reading about these characters as much as I enjoyed creating them. As far as The Possess Saga goes, after these first two I plan to put out at least three to four more within that series (as well as other related stories that aren't directly in the series).

My new fictional beau, Grant, whom you'll get to meet in book three, looks like he is planning to have his own saga within the Midtown universe. I don't mind though. He is kind of adorable. If you don't believe me, go peek at him on my Pinterest board for The Possess Saga

And speaking of other stories in the Midtown Universe, don't worry, Deliver is still on its way. As soon as final edits are done with Possess and Brody, I am digging into revisions on that one. EEP!

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