Dare You Forever by Allie Juliette Mosseau – Release Day/Review



Title: Dare You Forever (Brother's of Ink And Steel 2.5)

Author: Allie Juliette Mousseau

Publication Date: August 4, 2015

New Release Limited Time Price $0.99

Amazon: http://goo.gl/W3J20K
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Josh North won the title fight, but did he win the girl?
Sophie Garner answered yes in front of the entire world when Josh popped the question and the diamond ring dangled from his title belt, but is she really ready to take the plunge?
She’s been a single mother for almost three years, and she’s set in her ways, not used to sharing her life with anyone but her daughter, Charlie. Plus, she doesn’t know that she can ever escape the shadow of a past that still haunts her.
Sophie and Charlie are everything Josh wants in the world – but the heartthrob bachelor is learning that commitment and fatherhood are both tougher than training for the title fight! And even though he’d give his life for either of his girls, he’s not so sure he’s got what it takes to be a husband and daddy.
Will Josh win the roughest fight of his life, or will he go down for the count?




It's a well known fact that I'm a HUGE Allie fan.  I have fallen in love with every single one of her men, I have claimed many of them for my own, and I am a steady follower of her work. But this novella, it still managed to surprise me.

In DARE, we see Josh and Sophie fall in love and discover how to overcome some horrible situations.  In the end, we see Josh propose and Sophie say yes. What we don't see is how Sophie's past still continues to haunt her in the present.

Things should be sunshine and butterflies for the little family since the wedding is fast approaching, but it doesn't happen to be going that way. Instead, Josh and Sophie aren't even sure that there's going to BE a wedding.  But Josh is determined to prove that he's the right man for Sophie to completely let her guard down with.

This is another one that had me laughing, crying, and just loving in general.  Allie my dear, you still remain one of my favorite romance writers.  You're a go to for a good solid love story that has troubling times as well as comedic relief.  I'm honored to have received an ARC of this and I couldn't be more amazed at how you've progressed in writing.  I look forward to the rest of the Brothers of Ink and Steel, as well as all future works of yours.


About the author

Allie Juliette Mousseau is a USA Today Bestselling Author.
She can always be found writing, playing in puddles with her children, hiking with her husband, or adventuring somewhere in the world. Her favorite place to write on warm days is outdoors, but when the weather gets too cold, she'll be inside at her desk. She lives with her loving husband, children, and golden retriever. She loves to travel and lived for three years in her RV with her family while visiting the national parks and forests of the U.S. and a couple Canadian provinces. She is excited to add all of Canada and Alaska in the near future!

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