Dissappearing Act

I doubt anyone frequents this blog much anymore.

I know I know. I've committed one of the carnal sins an aspiring indie author should never ever do. I fell silent. On here.. on twitter... on facebook. EVERYWHERE.  The thing is though... I didn't have a huge following yet so... I doubt it was that detrimental. Regardless I am picking this back up now that all the crap that was up and flying around has now settled with my life. Granted there will always be something that will come up to stop you from writing or doing whatever it is you are hoping to, but I really needed the time away.

To be honest, there was so much going on. With my job, with my health... I needed to step away. I can even admit that I hadn't really written ANYTHING in the last six months. Well anything related to my writing career. Many times I had tried, but now I have come back to a point where it is time to finish what I started and continue toward my goal.

I am busier than I ever have been as I got a second job working from home, but that also means we are getting financial things under control (hopefully even getting rid of a good deal of debt!)., but I am still finding plenty of time to work on Mistaken. I am looking to pick back up Tales in Midtown, but for now Mistaken is a top priority.

Since we have a long weekend coming up, I hope to check up on some of my favorite writing blogs on here and reconnect with some of you as well!  I will definitely, DEFINITELY keep you all posted.

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