Explaining my disappearing act…

Hey all! For some of you that follow Midtown Underground's blog, I'm sure you may not even know that someone other than Brittani used to post here. For those of you that don't know me all that well, I'm J.A. Howell, the author that also resides on this site.

For those that DO know me, I'm sure you all have noticed quite a bit of an absence on my part, especially over the last year. First off I want to thank Brittani for just being there for me, as well as promoting other amazing authors on here in my absence, as that was something I always wanted to be a part of this space. Now...don't worry she will still definitely be doing that, but I will also be popping on from time to time to ramble and whatnot about writerly things... or not writerly things...who knows.

Secondly, I wanted to share this vid I made for those that do follow my books and my writing. Just to let you all know why I disappeared, and that I am in fact back and there will be lots more to come. <3


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  1. Glad you are doing better, hope you continue to care for yourself inside and out. Hang in there , life is a journey and sometimes the way is dark but you can find the light if you just keep going, I have faith in you!

  2. That took a lot of courage to expose yourself like that. I love your books and had wondered why you had stopped writing. Thanks for sharing a very painful time in your life.

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