Eye Candy

Aside from final edits and lack of sleeping, not much else is going on in my realm while we get Possess and The Untimely Death of Brody Walsh ready to go. I figured I'd share some images I have been making for The Possess Saga FB Page with those of you that may not have seen them

Here is one of my version of a younger Nolan (yep that's Aaron Johnson). The lyrics are from Rude Awakenings by Dropkick Murphys

This one I made, the people don't really look much like Harley & Nolan, but I thought it went well with this quote from Possess.

And this last one is for Brody and Aggie. This song, mo chailín rua, inspired one chapter in Possess, that inspired Brody's whole novella, simply because I wanted to explore what really happened before Brody died.

I'll probably be posting more as March 17th draws closer, so don't forget to like the page.


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