Five Years

I don't normally share a ton about my personal life on here, but today is a special day. Five years ago I married Mr. Howell. If you've by chance peeked at the dedication page of Possess (you can see it on the look inside feature on Amazon), you may have noticed that it's a short, simple dedication.

For Robert. I love you.


Me and Robert shortly after we got together seven years ago.

Pieces of our relationship inspired some of the bits that make up Possess. I even joked at one time with Robert that he is my own Nolan. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Nolan Finley. He is an awesome character. But some of his traits, like the fact that he is so quick to cuddle up to Remy (which by the way is inspired by my chubby cat, Soco) , his often serious expression, those blue eyes and light brown/dirtyblondish hair, yeah those are some things he got from Robert. As far as the cooking goes...nope that's fictional. I mean Robert can make up something interesting every now and then, but no sausage. He's vegetarian. The way that Harley seems to be able to make him laugh, even if she wasn't meaning to be funny- that's us. And just like with Harley and Nolan, despite some rough past relationships and our own rocky start, we found happiness with each other. Robert is also one of the biggest reasons any of you are able to read my stories today. When I thought they weren't good enough or was afraid to even finish a first draft, he was the driving force behind me, encouraging me and telling me to keep writing. He inspires me everyday and no matter what I'm writing, little bits and pieces of the magic we share gets weaved into my whatever story I'm working on. I can't help it and I don't think I should. He's an excellent muse and an amazing husband, even if just like Nolan he drives me nuts at times with a bit of stubbornness. 😉


So yes, five years ago I married the man I love. We were married outside under the sun, and then it began to pour so we danced in the rain. It was amazing, it was beautiful, and if I could have gone back, I wouldn't have changed a thing about that day.

I'm looking forward to many more years with him where we sometimes do silly things, say stupid stuff, and get caught in the rain.

For Robert. I love you.



After the wedding, the rain, and the craziness that was our wedding day.

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