Hide and Seek!

Hey gang! It's been a little while since I have posted anything not book tour related, but that will be slowing down over the next month to only a couple as Mistaken starts to kick into full gear.

I should be getting the edited version back later this week, then I will be dissappearing into a black hole for the rest of the week/weekend. The plan is to get the proof copy ordered as soon as this weekend.

Here is what I have left to do:

  • Final revisions
  • Format the interior
  • Tweak cover (updating the description and Spine)
  • Write acknowledgements, dedication, bio (tweaking it)
  • Submit to copyright office

So yes... if I am dead silent across all channels of social media this weekend, not answering my email, phone front door...

That's why!

I think the stress and OMG factor is close to getting ready for my wedding...

Wish me luck!



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