Hump Day

It being Wednesday, and hump day being its well known nickname. I decided to use that for today's post title.

I am also referring to "hump day" in another sense, if you catch my drift.

I just finished writing a long awaited and stressed over part of my story. When the two main characters "feelings" for each other finally come out. Because, you know, there wasn't already enough going on in their lives. Still though...I felt like it was an important part to the story and I worried about writing it. I am pretty happy with what came out (at least as part of the first draft). 

I in no way consider myself much of a romance writer. In fact most of my writings have to do with loss or destruction of sorts. I am fine with that. It's what I am good at and enjoy writing. Not to say there aren't yummy nuggets of happiness hidden somewhere in those dark tales of mine, it just not be where you think it should.

But yes, there actually is an element of romance in "Mistaken" and it was hard for me to write. Why? Because although I do enjoy good romance stories, I didn't want this scene of the story to come out like one. I aimed for less is more I suppose. The less details on what occurred, the more is left to the reader's imagination. Let those imaginations run wild...rawr!

It was very interesting  after such a long hiatus to attack this scene and get back into  Trey and Dillans' heads.  What was going through their minds? What were they feeling?

Are any of your characters "hooking up"?

If so, what was running through their minds?

As I return to my two protagonists I will leave you with a quote from this part of the story. Nope, it isn't very spicy, but I just happen to like it.

" Look, I know you were hoping that "till death do us part" wouldn't come for a long time...but sometimes it does. We find out that all that time we thought we had with them was only mere minutes, and everything we had planned to do, planned to say to them, slipped through our grasp....Don't let your own minutes slip away." - Trey "Mistaken"

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