Impulse by E.B. Walters – Review



Title: Impulse Infinitus Billionaire

Author: E.B. Walters

Publication Date: January 27, 2015


Synopsis Red

**This romance novel contains explicit contents and it's not advised for readers under 18** Impulse does not have a cliffhanger, but it is a 2-part book. Book 2 will be released in the fall 2015.
He has tradition ingrained in him…
She lives for the moment…
Will they find a common ground?

Lex Fitzgerald is not your average billionaire. He leads a double life as the conscientious head of his family and the pleasure-seeking rogue who parties hard and pushes the limits in and out of the bedroom. His two worlds are about to collide because of one woman, Jillian Finnegan. 

Lex needs a secret weapon to defeat a competitor and finds it in Jillian Finnegan. He has no intention of letting her potty mouth, her crazy lifestyle, or her eccentric family get in his way. So when he makes her an offer, he expects her to accept. However, sparks start to fly when Jillian gives him a counteroffer and dares him to refuse. Has Lex finally met his match? 

Let the seduction begin.


Reveiw (Red)

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This being a two part series, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there wasn't really a cliffhanger at the end.  But I'm definitely looking forward to the next part.

Jillian is a strong willed stunt woman that has grown up to be a serious thrill seeker.  Although she's not supposed to, she continues to work with her brothers in the Fearless Finnegans' Troupe doing crazy motorcycle stunts every chance she gets.

Lex is a sexy billionaire that is almost accomplished with his goal of helping his entire family realize their dreams... except on hitch.  A traditionalist owner of a company his cousin needs for business does not want to work with an unmarried man.  So what is Lex's solution to this problem? Find an actress and hire her to be his temporary "wife".

There's only one problem, when Lex meets Jillian he's instantly enthralled.  Will she be able to act well enough to convince his family and business associate?  Or better yet, will she even be willing to?

This story captivated me quickly.  I loved that the female was strong willed and didn't just swoon at every opportunity.  I also loved that she felt free to speak her mind.  The ups and downs and the thrills in this book are attention grabbing.  I read this book in two sittings.  I give this 4.5 stars.

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