In Response To My Fellow Author’s Public Shaming Of Me

If you aren't aware, I've been called out publicly by one Tyffani C Kemp, fellow author and plotting confidant--or so I thought. If you'd like to read the outrageous and horrific claims she brings against me, you can read her post here.

First and foremost I would like to say that her claims that I purposely reel readers in with my sexy Scottish and hot-tempered Irish men only to DESTROY completely100%


Yes... I J.A. Howell enjoy the heck out of creating lovable male characters only to CRUSH THEM!

In The Possess Saga, even the sexiest of men don't escape my wrath. They get beaten up, bruised, maimed, sometimes kicked in the balls by Aggie...and yes I totally killed one of them off.

I won't even get into the horribly traumatic events that love to come out and haunt them either.  These men don't stand a snowball's chance in hell. Sorry little snowflakes but this author isn't going to make it easy for you.

In regards to the claims that I make them so lovable only then destroy them for the evil purposes of tearing my readers' hearts to shreds...


My books may contain romance, and often times some seriously sizzling scenes but don't think for one second that this is some sort of happy, feel good story about finding the woman of their dreams and frolicking into a field of daisies.

IF I do let them go frolicking in a field of daisies you better bet your sweet arse there is probably mines or bear traps planted beneath the flowers and someone is about to lose a limb. Either that or they witness Bambi's mother getting gunned down and the horrific scene haunts them for the rest of their lives.

I'm admitting it right here. I. AM. AN. EVIL. AUTHOR.

I love creating characters that make you swoon one minute and give your a serious kick in the feels the next. Ones that have you laughing one minute, then spazzing the next because something horrendous just happened.

What I imagine most of my readers look like while reading my books

If you are reading my books and lying on the floor crying over what I'm putting my men through...

And your wondering to yourself how I could be so mean, I'm totally sitting over here like

My general expression when I come up with some of those horrible things to do to my characters

Feel it! Feeeeeel the agony!


Yep, just sitting over here playing with your feels. Totally wearing the goggles too.

NOPE... I'm not even sorry.

Not one tiny bit.

Look I even keep a collection of my readers' tears...right here.

Actual bottle of my readers' tears. I bet you didn't even notice when I snuck up and collected them, did you?

Actual bottle of my readers' tears. I bet you didn't even notice when I snuck up and collected them, did you?




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