It’s that time again. Love & Ink Gif Post: The Tattoo

Scratches Down My Back (#2 of the Love & Ink series) came out today!

Since I haven't made a gif post for this one, I figure now's the time.

Here's a particularly "special" scene for you.

So Lucy, Niall's friend and a model decided she wanted a tat from Liam while she's in town. Looking more like Malibu barbie than a fiesty fetish wear model and not having one bit of ink on her, Liam assumes she wants something girly, like a butterfly or a fairy.

Lucy doesn't really take kindly to that assumption...

Or him for that matter, and insults him and says "Well if that's all you can tattoo, maybe I'll just have Shayne do it!"

Liam doesn't like that.

So he says he'll do her damn tattoo and asks her what she wants. When she says she wants a larger piece that goes around her hips to her tummy he's just like...

Yeah, let's see how long you'll last through that, barbie.

When they leave, Niall explains to Lucy that, Liam's a bit grumpy, but he's a good guy. Honest!

She just brushes it off. Some other things happen in between then and the tattoo, including more of...



(Sorry, you'll just have to read the book for that stuff ;P ) but low and behold, Lucy still shows up for her tattoo appointment.

Lucy comes in and Liam is all, if you can't do ALL this in one session, we can break it into two, Sweetheart.

But Lucy is just like, whatevs, bring it Cupcake!

Then she pulls her top off... you know so he can better tattoo her without her shirt getting in the way.

Liam's brain short circuits slightly.

Then he remembers he hates her.

So he gets to work, tattooing her.

She lets out a little whimper and looks to be in pain, so Liam assumes, she probably isn't going to last a lot longer.

Actually, while Lucy IS in pain, she tends to enjoy that kind of thing...and with where his hands are touching...well...

She's actually enjoying herself and thinking how much she'd like to run her fingers through Liam's hair and shove his face in between her thighs.


But...Liam just assumes she's in pain and that he was totally right about this wimpy lil Gossip Girl wannabe.

Until he gets to right below her belly button...and she does one of these numbers.

Internally, he's all...she did not just do that because of a tattoo?!!?!?!

Externally...he's just like...


( of get the point)

Meanwhile, Lucy doesn't THINK he actually noticed what happened and Liam manages to finish the tattoo, but does NOT stand up when she leaves.

Lest she see the effects her tattoo session had on him.

So, she pays him and goes outside to leave, and Liam, knowing the shop is now empty and he's sitting there with a raging hard on, does what any sane but horny man does...

(this is the most appropriate gif I could find without using actual porn....but you get the idea.)

Meanwhile, Lucy realizes she accidentally left her phone in the shop and walks back in...


A little dumbstruck, and a little turned on she says nothing and just stands there watching since his back is turned...

She's just all...ya know...enjoying the show.

And then her fucking phone starts ringing and playing "Barbie Girl" by Aqua.

Then Liam is all

and knocking shit down trying to put himself back in his jeans.

Lucy, being the bold woman she is, comes over and offers to help him out.

He's all

But it's too late she's already reaching in his pants and as soon as she "grabs" him he's all

Yes he did... Yes he did...

So yeah... things got a lil awkward there...


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