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Hey all! So I just got back from my first book convention! I had a great time, got lots of awesome swag (AND BOOKS!), and met some awesome people! Will be posting more about it tomorrow. For now I am leaving you with a funny excerpt from Possess My Heart! It is now out and available as of July 25th. My apologies for not sharing that sooner as I have been sick and having comp issues.

If you haven't been on my facebook page, I wanted to let you all know it's still $0.99 for a few more days while we celebrate Kiltmas! Follow the link in the giveaway below to get it and earn points to win a signed set of all three Possess Saga books as well as some other cool things! 🙂 Also don't forget to check out Tyffani Clark Kemp's new release, Shaggy Maggie, as it is also $0.99 right now. That's right, two sexy Scots, both $0.99 right now! What are you waiting for?



From the chapter,  "Hostiles And Hostels"

By mid-day we reached Gairlochy and found a nice spot next to River Lochy to stop for lunch. Grant had packed a few sandwiches for the first day, as well as some non-perishables for the remainder of the trip. He also assured us we weren’t far from civilization if we wanted a real meal at some point as well. I sat down next to Bea on the bank of the river, away from Camden and Grant. I felt Camden watching me and fought the urge to throw a rock at his face. Why I had even felt sorry for yelling at him was beyond me. Between his little scene at the pub and the bonfire, he assured me he was a just a selfish prick who got mad when things didn’t go his way.

Trying to parade girls in front of me to make me jealous? Please. I wasn’t attracted to him in the slightest. Maybe I had been at one point. Or maybe I was just feeling lonely and vulnerable. Either way, those feelings had passed.

“Alricht, ladies. If yir quite done we should get a move on. We got aboot another five hours of hiking tae go before we set up camp.” Grant informed us as he stood up and stretched.

I pulled myself to my feet, brushing crumbs off my lap, then gave Camden a pointed look as he made no motion to get up. “Well, you heard Grant. You going to get up, miss? Or should I grab you a parasol while you sit there sunning yourself?”

“Och! Look at ye.” Camden let out a snort and stood up, pulling his pack back on his broad shoulders. “I was just waiting fir ye, kitten. Figured it’d take ye a bit tae get back up with that big heavy pack of yirs.”

“Alricht...quit bickerin’.” Grant gave us both a warning look before leading the way. I fought the urge to say something smart back to him. He wasn’t worth the energy. I kept my attention forward, not paying him any mind, even when he came up next to me.

“Feet hurtin’ yet, princess?”

Nope. Not going to even acknowledge him.

“Ye kin, if ye get tired I can carry yir pack fir ye.” His voice held a taunting lilt to it as he edged closer to me.

“Fuck off, Camden.”

“Och, I already did that the other nicht. After the bonfire. Don’t ye rememb– FECK!”

Bea and Grant turned around just in time to see Camden stumbling backwards downhill into the water, letting out a strange yelp.

“Aggie!” Grant shook his head at me as Bea burst out laughing, holding her side.

“You said to stop bickering. You didn’t say anything about shoving him into the water if he was being arsehole.”

“The feck’s the matter wi’ ye, woman? All ma’ stuff’s soaked noo!”

Bea roared behind me in hysterics and I simply grinned at him. “You should have thought of that before you opened your big, stupid mouth.”

“I swear tae feckin’ God, Grant. I’m goin’ tae kill yir cousin.” Camden growled as he emerged from the water looking every bit like a menacing sea monster.

“You’re probably going to get a wicked chafe hiking in wet pants. Hope you brought your first aid kit.”

“Grant!” Camden threw down his pack and stalked toward me just as my younger cousin got between the two of us.

“Aggie, quit antagonizin’ him. Camden, I got ma’ kilt in my pack. Ye can wear that and when we reach Laggan we’ll see aboot gettin’ yir stuff dry. Yir goin’ tae have tae suck it up and carry yir pack all soakin’ noo though.”

“You heard him. Suck it up, big boy.” I winked at Camden and he lurched toward me as Grant grabbed his shoulder.

“Oi! Cut this shite oot noo!” Grant glared at the two of us and threw his kilt at Camden. Camden sneered at me, then, with no modesty at all, slid his pants and boxer briefs off in front of us. Bea let out a gasp, sucking in more air as another wave of giggles erupted from her. I crossed my arms over my chest and rolled my eyes at his display. He threw down his sopping shirt then wrapped the kilt around his waist, blue eyes still fuming as they stared at me. Grant tossed him a dry shirt, giving me another threatening glance.

“Nobody throws anyone else intae the feckin’ water. Richt, Aggie?”

“I’ll try. I already told you I’m not making any promises about his well-being if he continues to be a dickhead.”

Grant’s lips tightened into a very parental frown as he held his finger up, looking back and forth between the two of us.

“That’s it. Camden, walk up front with me. Aggie and Bea, ye follow behind. I swear tae God! I have tae seperate ye two like wee bairns.”

I stood there saying nothing else and tried to keep a straight face when Grant swung around and Camden followed after him. Bea fell into step next to me and we started walking again, no longer laughing. But in the silence amongst us, the repetitive squishing and squeaking of Camden’s wet boots forced a giggle from me that passed on to Bea and soon both of us were giggling uncontrollably.

‘Ye know whit. Feck ye both.” Camden’s words only made us laugh harder. Maybe having him on this trip wouldn’t be such a terrible thing. At the very least it was making for great entertainment.

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