Love & Ink: Marks On My Skin Gif Post- The Incident

So it's been a while since I did one of these but they are always fun. So my new book Marks On My Skin (part of the new Love & Ink series) will be out a month from today, so here is a peek at the type of ridiculousness you can expect from this sexy book.

Considering what happens in this scene, this will be a challenge portraying this in a not too inappropriate way. Enjoy

So Shayne is leaving work after a somewhat crappy day when Kieran calls her and is kinda like

Shayne is all, be right over and Kieran tells her to bring some of the things out of her  "playbox"

So, she drives home to get her stuff and is excited and all

She gets to her apartment, freshens up, straps on some F*** me boots and goes over to see Kieran.

He answers the door in Storm Trooper boxers all

(Okay maybe there isn't all that gyrating...or men in monkey masks, but he is in Storm Trooper boxers)

She hands over the bag and he's all

Then tells her to go undress in his room while he takes a look.

Then there is a bit of this

and this

(minus the biting)

that is quickly followed by a reaction like this

Then Kieran is all

(No he isn't sprinkling fairy dust...trying to keep this appropriate...though I guess I failed at the banana).

Then some of this happens

( they aren't jumping on the bed)

And Kieran stops right before she can, ya know...

So she is confused and all

And he is just like


Did I say you were allowed to yet?

and she is just like dammit

No sir.

(Not like there is much she can do being kinda "tied up" and all)

So he goes back to the dresser to get more "surprise" items to use on her and she is trying to peek and see, but is kinda

And in the midst of her squirming, she knocks a bottle of blueberry flavored lubricant on the floor.

Shayne attempts to warn him but he is all SHHH

Because he is the Dom after all.

After which he promptly slips on the bottle and knocks himself out on the dresser...


(Naked...with a dildo in his hand)

Panicked, Shayne tries to free herself

To no avail.

At which time his younger brother Niall arrives home and comes to the rescue to find them both in very awkward states and is all giggly and all

Before being a good guy and helping Shayne out of her restraints and taking his brother to the ER.




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  1. Brittany

    I literally couldnt breathe from laughin so hard.

  2. I am DYING over here. Literally dying. And it has nothing to do with my cold. Also, that dog is adorable. FACT.

  3. Sabrina

    I’m trying not to cackle at work! This sounds like what would happen if I were to attempt sexy times with numerous props. Disaster, embarrassment, no petite mort. Bugger.

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