Meet the Menagerie: Soco

In the last line of my bio I mention my menagerie of animal children, but I thought it would be fun to introduce you to all of them. I do not have any kids and don't plan to have any, something both my husband and I decided a long time ago.

However, we are both huge animal lovers. Along with Madison, a long time friend and our roommate, we've rescued/fostered/adopted numerous animals. Madison, in fact, runs the Florida Chapter of Hope Ranch Rescue, a small animal rescue, and works closely with Barkie's Legacy, an amazing pit bull rescue run by a wonderful lady. Animals are a huge part of our lives and truly bring a lot of joy to us as well.

I thought once a week I would post a member of our brood, ranging from the big goofy dogs, down to the itty bitty creatures that share our home. From permanent residents, to fosters, each week I'm going to introduce you to a member of the Menagerie and tell you a little bit about them.

soco1So, without further ado, I'll introduce you to my cat, Soco. Yes his name is short for Southern Comfort, if you were wondering. He started off as my cousin's cat. Her cat had gone missing for an extended period of time and she was sad about it so I took her to the shelter and she spotted Soco. I ended up adopting his brother because he would have been all alone after Soco was adopted. I named his brother Gucci.

Then, OF COURSE, my cousin's cat came back and I ended up with the two brothers. Still, it was good because they kept each other company. Sadly, his brother died at only about 3 years old. Before then Soco had been kind of neurotic, and not one for affection...but the day his brother died, he changed. I remember coming home from taking Gucci to the vet, and Soco came over and curled up beside me, putting his paws around my hand. Ever since then he's been  extremely affectionate and every day he comes to check on me, and at night curls up in bed with us.

It was very sad losing his brother, but from then on he was my little man. Okay, so he soco3isn't little. He's kind of chubby. But he has lost some weight, thank you very much. If you are also wondering if he was at all the inspiration for "Remy" in the Possess books. Yes, he partially was.

He is the reason Remy is a bit plump and why when he is an adult cat he "mrowr's" instead of simply meowing. That's really the best explanation of Soco's meows. Mrowr.

He's been with me since before I met Robert, and even got jealous when Robert moved in. He hid from me for days. But, finally he got over it and realized I wasn't replacing him. He's a special boy and he's been with me the longest out of our colorful brood.

So, world. Meet Soco.



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  1. I love animals too, and I am going to enjoy meeting your brood! Great blog!!.

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