Midtown Underground needs your help!

kittens-halpThis fall is gearing up to be a busy time for me and my Possess books and I am looking for a few good men and women interested in helping.

I'm currently trying to pull in more reviews of the first book in the series as I am hoping to get onto bookbub for the beginning of October. I'll be submitting to them on September 4th in hopes of getting them to promote Possess on October 4th.

Now, you can sign up to review one, or even all of them (including signing up for ARC's of books 4&5), BUT if you can post a review of BOOK ONE (POSSESS)  on Amazon, Goodreads, and other sites  you post reviews on before September 4th I will send you book swag!

I've got green silicone wristbands that say "That Arse." (Aggie referring to Nolan's fondness of Harley's ample bottom hehe) as well as Possess Saga bookmarks. Depending, I may be able to get some more things to send to you all as well, we shall see! I have tons of swag still from IndieBookFest -not my own but still BOOK SWAG!)

You can sign up to review The Possess Saga books here! Just enter your info and I will send you the books. Post it before September 4th, and you bet your arse, you will get some awesome bookswag and I will love you forever. Of course that is the most important thing, right? Thought so.

Also, if you have a blog and want to get in on the To Have & To Haunt cover & book trailer reveal on August 30th, you can sign up here! No book swag involved but you will get the first peek at Nolan Finley's glorious manchest and be entered to win an advanced copy of ebook 4 as well.

Just note that when you see it... I warned you.

Yes... your ovaries may implode.

That's all for today kiddos. If you know anybody interested in participating in either of these things, pretty please pass this post onto them!

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