My Long Awaited NASW ReCap…

I apologize in advance for not having a bunch of pictures...and by a bunch I mean any. When I headed up to Savannah for NASW I was feeling mostly okay and very excited, with just a little bit of a scratchy throat. The hotel was great and things were looking up after my friend Kim and I arrived...but I quickly deteriorated into a coughing, sneezing, feverish state. So I honestly was not running on full cylinders the entire weekend.

Still I had a blast. I met some amazing authors, readers, and bloggers, and despite feeling kinda crappy physically I had a ton of fun.  The morning of the signing and panels I could not get myself out of bed, but my friend Kim made me drink a Hot Tottie (whiskey, honey, lemon and tea). It worked amazingly well and after I passed back out (and sadly missed the first set of panels) I managed to get myself downstairs for the signing. I had packed my make up and hair stuff planning to look fabulous, but it was honestly a miracle I was able to shower, get dressed and remain in a sitting position for 3 hours lol.


This was my first book conference as an author and it was a lot of fun. I sold some books, made some great connections with other authors and even got to meet a couple that I was a fan of. And of course I left with more books...I really need another bookshelf, if you are wondering what to get me for Christmas.

Definitely hoping to do  some more events this year, including a couple more that Stella, the coordinator is putting together as she did a fabulous job and ensured the weekend was fun for everyone. There were tattoo artists, a corsetier, and pajama party complete with karaoke... I might have sang a couple songs *looks away innocently*.

And in case your wondering, I got quite a bit of swag as well. I had a bag signed by several of the authors there...but my dog is an asshole and decided to use it as a binky (apparently I didn't realize there was a dove candy in it, but he did). He's fine...but the bag isn't, so I don't know that I'll be giving that one away.

However... HOWEVER I have several other fun things from the event to give away. I'll be posting that this weekend. If you remember in we did Kiltmas In July earlier this year...well get ready for a full blown Kiltmas giveaway next week!

I'll be posting those details very soon!

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  1. jenlanebooks

    Uh oh, I wonder if the Dove chocolate was from me since I was giving those away. Ha! It was a great weekend indeed. I wish more readers could’ve made it but it was awesome to meet so many lovely authors. And Savannah is a great spot! Too bad you had the germ germs. Happy writing, Jen

    • Lol I think it was either you or Natasha, but no worries, he mainly coated the inside of the bag with melted chocolate. I tried washing it but…yeah I don’t think it’s giveaway worthy now 🙁

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