NaNoWriMo in Retrospect

So I sort of fell off the face of the planet...or most social media for the last couple weeks after NaNo. Honestly, I just needed a big breather.

The good news, is I hit the 50k and am officially a NaNo 2012 winner. Deliver's first draft isn't quite finished yet, and I already know there are some parts that need  serious fixing (I MAY have put Dillan and Trey in a completely different city than where they were at the end of Mistaken lol...oops).  There were also things I need to research to add in details. (In one scene I notated to research types of guns on the side and just put "He grabbed a lot of guns" as a placeholder lol).

It wasn't about making the story  perfect, it was about getting it out. In about the third week I totally ran right smack dab into a wall with writing it and inched along with the speed of a slug, only to sprint my way through the last week and finish with a day to spare. Crazy things happened with my characters, my normally modest body count soared to an all time high and well... it was an interesting ride with some very amusing moments.

One notable thing that pulled me through was my family and friends. Yes, not my writing or my ideas or my own motivation to keep going to 50k. I was actually ready to throw the towel in during week three, but I had told everyone I was doing this. Could I just not finish? I told my husband I couldn't make it, i still had 15K words to go and 1 more week, and then he posted a cheesy but pretty awesome motivational video on my facebook. (It had the big fight scene from Snatch in it).

I also realized I wasn't the only  one that had fallen behind and there were tons of others aiming to sprint that final distance to the finish line, so I joined them and finished off that 50k. Luckily I had 2 days off during the week and both were spent in jammies with coffee at my computer but between those two days alone I kicked out close to 9k alone. I finished my 50k on November 29th and stepped away from the story for now.

I've still been writing, though not as much wordcount per day, and I've started digging back into the books I've been meaning to read.

I rewarded myself for hanging in there with a paperback copy of  "Warm Bodies" and a set of moleskines, as I already have 2 more stories in the works. (What can I say? I can't help myself!)

I also caught up on straightening up my poor house, organizing my reading list for next year (my New Years' Resolution) and seeing friends IRL too.

What did I learn from NaNoWriMo? 

Well certainly, when pushed I can squeeze out nearly a whole first draft in one month, even while I am working on revisions of another one! But I also met some cool people and found some great camaraderie with my fellow writers both local and online. One of my favorite things was the Midnight Write In I attended Halloween night/Nov 1st. I didn't have my laptop so the first 800 words of Deliver were all first scribbled by hand at Denny's from about Midnight-1:30AM amidst giggling and exciteme

nt with my fellow Orlando Nanoers.

So, there you have it. NaNo is over and now I have 1 completed novel being revised, another with the 1st draft nearly done (I'm on the last chapter), and two more starting to inch out. I have a feeling a lot of the beginning of 2013 is going to be spent editing, but that's okay.

So what's coming up?

Possess is coming back from betas and I am getting ready to go through another round of revisions then start handing off chapters to my editor. I don't think it will be out BY January, but perhaps sometime in mid to late January/early Feb. I pushed it back because I am currently writing the Prequel and I want to take the opportunity to ensure everything can match up with the two stories, even if that includes tweaking a few things in Possess. I also hope to release both stories close to each other.

That's all for now. I have truthfully also been a bit quieter on the blog as I have been concentrating on writing, but  expect to see me a bit more now that NaNo is done. I cannot wait for you all to meet the characters of Possess. I have been getting some really good feedback from my betas and just really enjoyed writing the story so much. Writing the prequel is only reminding of that 🙂


See ya soon!


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