Next Week at Midtown Underground

So, if you kept track of the counter, I didn't hit my writing goal for Possess. I didn't even get close. However I am switching gears and working on what would have been my third book instead for a few reasons. This week I am going to aim only at 5k words on "Ripper", one you will here about soon.

I will be touching on why the change as well as a few other things on Tuesday.

Also coming up on the blog, Annabelle Blume will be stopping by on Aug 9th with a guest post and I will also be posting a review of her book "Frozen Hearts".

And a much needed update on "Mistaken". Editing & formatting should be finished here in about 2 weeks, so it is looking like from here on out, Mistaken will not be hitting any more delays and the local release party will be in early October. Once that bad boy is sent in to CreateSpace, I will be releasing all the juicy details. Many many things coming along in the next two months for Mistaken and I hope everyone else is excited as well!

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