Opinions are like assholes…

(If you don't know the rest of that saying... Opinions are like assholes...everybody's got one.)

I know I made a post a while back, regarding how to deal with negative reviews. Let me preface this with saying that this situation is a bit different.

Now, I am not going to name names, or even say which book and try to make this somewhat as vague as possible while still making a point. I do not want said reviewer retaliated against, nor to I wish to engage them personally because they are entitled to give me whatever kind of review they want. Again, let me say that I DO NOT want to see anyone engage these kinds of reviewers at all. It's not worth your breath and it certainly isn't worth mine.

It's a free country and I won't cry over negative reviews. Hell, I won't even cry if you just leave a negative star rating on Goodreads without any sort of explanation/review. You're allowed to do it and I won't get mad if you don't like my book. Not everyone does. I generally choose not to leave a rating or review at all when I read something I don't love, simply because most the time others have already voiced similar opinions of that book.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion... because hey...opinions are like assholes (say it with me, kids). Everybody's got one

Now, in the review that has irked me,  some of the things they said about my actual book may be true. While I use an editor, small things may still get missed. Being indie published and small press pubbed my books do not get run through as many sets of eyes as traditionally published works. That being said, no that doesn't excuse me from proper grammar, and if I am made aware of an actual grammatical error I'm more than happy to update my book file so as to make the best possible product available to readers. So fine, point those things out, because they are helpful and I can use that to improve.

Some don't like the story line, for example, in InDTale Mag, Possess didn't get a positive review because of how the storyline went. That's fine. Others enjoyed it, and may be there was a stretch in a few parts, but it is fiction, stretches happen and maybe not everything is completely believable to everyone. This is not the review I'm talking about, I just simply wanted to point out people have varying opinions and not everyone raves about my books. Hell, I only have 14 reviews on Possess total so I wouldn't exactly call that raving even if they are mostly decent ratings.

Other times I've gotten reviews that pick at things that weren't even part of the story...for example, saying Harley is swearing off food and sex....I assure you she loves both equally (though probably food more lol). Those reviews are fine by me. Not sure where you came to that conclusion but fine, you didn't enjoy my book. Seriously. This is also not the issue here.

Some people also aren't fond of the dialogue as I write with the Irish and Scottish dialects. This has always been a " you're either on this side, or on that" sort of situation. Some readers love it, others don't. Totally cool and totally understand. Also, some people don't like my sometimes crude humor, regarding things like boners. Fair. I was pretty surprised when my own mother had more an issue with the violence in Possess than in the fact I said boner.

No, the issue here is using places meant for a review of a BOOK to go on a supposed crusade against all books that have high ratings, claiming the positive reviews are "suspicious" and then losing your shit because people choose to vote your review unhelpful. Better yet, trying to call those people out for something that, guess what? IS THEIR OPINION!

Yes, that's right. Them choosing to vote a review as unhelpful, IS THEIR OPINION!

If you'll notice my FB author page doesn't even mention your review, so the fact that others chose to vote it unhelpful was NOT  in anyway encouraged by myself. It was encouraged by people being allowed to voice their opinion on YOUR review. It wasn't them defending my book. It was them saying, hey this review really didn't help me decide on whether I should read this book. That's it!

PLEASE DO NOT go off about how YOU are entitled to YOUR opinion while telling others that they aren't entitled to theirs simply because they don't SHOW THEMSELVES and choose to hide behind an anonymous vote and not engage you in an argument.


Everyone is entitled to their opinions...whether it's on a book itself, or on the review someone posted.

And we know what opinions are like, don't we kids?

Now, before you go full swing into claiming to be a victim or a martyr because of these anonymous votes, you should stop and consider the fact that maybe it wasn't what you said about my book in the review that they didn't find helpful, but the fact that you went off on a tangent about stuff that had nothing to do with the actual book. Book reviews should be just that. A review of a book. Not of the author, not of the state of world literacy...but the book.

I often do look at negative reviews as well as positives and the ones that go off on a tangent I do not find helpful at all. Though generally I don't click the little vote button either way unless it has nothing to do with the actual book. Because hey, it didn't help me, in my opinion.

Just because you feel YOUR opinion is superior to those that simply clicked that your review was unhelpful to them, doesn't give you the right to attack them and try to invite some sort of ridiculous argument in the comments section. I know I certainly won't be commenting there and I hope nobody else does. And if you want to say this blog post is also some sort of attack. Fine. But if you'll notice this post doesn't really have to do with the things you posted about my book. I'm not defending it against that at all. You're allowed to dislike my book and give me a negative review and deserve to be able to do that without someone attacking you for it.

No, this post is about what you posted that had NOTHING TO DO WITH MY BOOK and being AGGRESSIVE toward others that are only choosing to express their own opinions.

There has always been talk about authors behaving badly when someone posts negative reviews and I am in no way condoning that type of behavior. Quite the opposite actually.

But another disturbing trend seems to be reviewers behaving badly and guess what?

Authors can't even defend themselves against that, even if they have a valid reason for defending themselves. Seriously, there has been a lot of that and it's disturbing.

I've accepted that I can't really say anything back and I'm fine with that. Again, I don't wish to get in a yelling match with somebody over THEIR OPINION.  But when you put out unprovoked attacks on others simply because their opinion differs from yours, I won't just sit here nice and quiet about it. Say your peace about a book and let it go. Either way someone may still choose to read the book and form their own opinion, so in the grand scheme of things all your ranting and complaining won't really make the difference with those people.

Is it maybe not the best choice to post this? Maybe. But you know what, if someone wants to view this as me behaving badly, fine. It's their opinion, and they are entitled to it.

I just felt the need to get this off my chest.


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