Oops... I did it again. Not only just made a dated Britney Spears reference...but I disappeared. I know it is such a terrible thing to do...especially when you are trying to gain an audience. It is easy to blame life for taking over....but really I guess that is exactly what happened.

2011 was an amazing year for me. Not only did I finish my first draft, but I lost 90 lbs... NINETY POUNDS! That's like a whole middle school kid... I think (I am not sure how much those weigh...but it's at least a fifth grader). I also found a new love in Roller Derby.

Who knew knocking into other girls on skates was so therapeutic?

This year seems to have started off less promising, but I refuse to let that discourage me. I've still got to finish editing...and lose at least 40 more lbs.

So... I will be seeing you on here... on a bit more of a regular basis 🙂

See ya soon...

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