Possess: Cover Reveal

Without further Ado, here is the cover and the blurb for my next book, Possess.

Working blurb

Harley escaped one nightmare,  only to get thrown into another.

After fleeing from a life of abuse at the hand's of her wealthy fiance', Harley Martin finds herself in Midtown. Low on cash, she manages to find herself a cheap but surprisingly nice apartment. The catch? The last tenant killed himself...Or did he?

As increasingly disturbing dreams and equally chilling incidents begin to haunt her, Harley realizes there is much more to the previous tenant's death and he is reaching out to her from the other side . His killer is still out there, and they aren't done.

Harley is going to be next.

Her time is running out to uncover the secrets that someone buried away. Will she find the truth before they find her? Or will she wind up buried, like the rest.

Expected publication date: January 2013


Stay tuned for a  few more exciting announcements later this week. Ciao!

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