Possess My Heart Gif Post: Stinky

Hey all! Ten days til Possess My Heart comes out. In the meantime I thought I'd share one of my favorite scenes from the book, via gifs.

While in Scotland, Aggie's cousin, Grant gets her to come out and watch him work, shearing sheep.

What he failed to tell her was that he works with Camden, the same idiot that tried to drunkenly grope her the first night she was in Scotland.

As soon as Camden sees her he's all

But she just glares at them both

So she sits on the fence, pouting away and watching the two guys work

When Camden gets a little hot and uses his shirt to wipe the sweat from his face.

Internally, Aggie is thinking, wow... sheep shearing ain't a bad workout and she's all

But externally she is just

Unfortunately for her, Camden noticed

So he is all wooo it's hot out

For a second Aggie is all

But quickly recovers

Then Camden tells her to come try and shear a sheep and she is like

But he tells her not to be a sissy

So, exasperated, she hops off the fence and he helps her shear her first sheep. He's touching her and they're really close and there's that little moment where they both are like

But then he pulls away and tells her to go grab another sheep.

At first she is like

But Camden is like

So not having a clue what she's doing she attempts to sneak up on the sheep, thinking she can grab one that way.

Being the smartass he is, Camden yells loudly for her to grab one and she's spotted.

Naturally, they run from her and she tries to chase after them

Spotting a smaller one she leaps at it

And misses... (btw...she did not land in mud...ohhhh nooo NOT MUD!)

Camden laughs a little and asks her why she leapt at it

But then she screams that she landed in sheep shit and Camden is all


Aggie, obviously upset about landing in sheep shit is like, "Are you going to just sit there and laugh or are you going to help me?

But  Camden tells her he think's he'll just keep laughing.

This infuriates Aggie even more

And Camden stops laughing when something hits the side of his face (hint...it wasn't a cupcake)

While Camden is trying not to throw up or get sheep shit in his eye,

Aggie is all

In a rush to wash off the sheep shit, Camden goes to run inside, but Grant is like

and tells him to go wash up at the nearby stream.

Camden turns to Aggie with a glare

And is all "Ye comin', stinky?"

And thus...Aggie forever earned the nickname stinky from Camden.

The end 😉


Here's one more Aggie Scowl for the road.

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!!! This is freaking hysterical!! I’m laughing almost as hard as I did when I read the scene!!!

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