Promotions, promotions, promotions

So, as I said in my last blog, I have gotten my hands quite full even now that I am not currently working on Mistaken. This week has been eventful and I have made a little bit of headway. Plans have not been finalized yet, but it looks like I found a fantastic venue for the Book Release and it will be more than  likely the second week in September. Of course, the e-book will probably already be out before then for all you wonderful internet peoples to enjoy.

I am still working on getting a hang of the best avenues of promotion online. After this weekend I will hopefully have the sample chapters of Mistaken up and ready for everyone to check out, so I plan to push the promotion a bit harder come then.

Also, if you've noticed, to draw some more attention to Mistaken, I started  an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the initial book release, but you are getting something in return. Click on the widget on the right to read more about it! IndieGoGo is an awesome tool for not only building awareness and fanbase, but if you are like me and due to some unfortunate turns of events not having the funds you thought you would, it can help make something like a book release more feasible.

As soon as the book is ready to be pushed out I also plan on doing some giveaways on the blog and Facebook as well, so be sure to follow both! Still lots of planning going on but starting to feel like I am making headway.

Also finished most of the outline for the next book, Possess, which I am very excited about. Will have more on this soon as well! Until later!

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