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Although we posted a release day post earlier, it took a little longer for me to properly plan my review so that it does Tyffani justice. 🙂

Reveiw (Red)

Blood and Shattered Glass is a bit different than anything I have read by Tyffani Clark Kemp before.  It's full of sorrow, pain, mystery, and psychopaths... just to name a few things.

The book started out a little slow and slightly confusing, but I'm pretty sure that was the point. As the story develops, we learn that Trista has been in an accident, and it may have caused some side effects.  Jeremi, her trusty and faithful brother-in-law is always by her side and there to take care of her though.

We find out that Trista has some mental issues, but we're not sure what they are.  As I continued to read, I would keep guessing as to what was going to happen and what was really going on... well, needless to say, I was wrong.  Tyffani throws curveball after curveball at you so when you think you've got it all figured out, you're thrown for a loop and sent back to square one. n

This story was highly intriguing, pretty creepy, and slightly scary.  But all in all it was another amazing piece of work from Tyffani Clark Kemp.  My only concern was the number of questions I had at the end of the book.  Thankfully, I have been informed that there is another one on the way so I'm hoping my questions will be answered. 🙂


Due to the number of unanswered question, I give this story an awesome 4 stars!


Go check it out and you won't be disappointed! 🙂

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About The Author (Red)

Tyffani Clark Kemp

Tyffani Clark Kemp might be the quietest person in the room, but that just means she’s probably the biggest freak too. She is a multi-genre author with a gift for the written word and a desire to help all Indies reach their full potential. In 2012, she and her best friend Kimberly Fudge started SideStreet Cookie Publishing for authors who want to remain independent, but don’t have the time or the knowledge to do it all themselves. From the age of eleven she dedicated her life to writing and making sure she was good at her craft. Now, she passes that knowledge on to others. Her friends would describe her as determined and giving. She may be quite, but she always has a story to tell.


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