The BIG Deadline

I have a deadline now.

Holy crap.

It is looking like everything is working out for me to have the Mistaken Book Release Party on September 8th, 2012. For those locally that would like to attend, I will have the location info and times set up soon. I am so excited I found such a great location and after everything with the owner is finalized I will definitely be sharing more info on them.

But yes... now it is a deadline. According to Createspace (whom I am publishing through) I should have my book in and ready to go 45 days prior.

Editing is going well. My friend that is providing me editing services is a great help and so far I really like what she is bringing to the book.  I've now started to make a list of commitments and things I need to get done for the release of Mistaken.

  • Finish the final edits
  • Format (most likely I may be paying someone to help me out there, at least for the print version).
  • Ensure cover file is up to date and submit
  • Design promo materials (fliers/postcards), bookmarks, (business cards?),
  • Organize book tour (I am thinking about working with a service on this one).
  • Talk to my teammate's bf about possible radio interview.
  • Promote the hell out of the IndieGoGo Campaign.
  • Start up video blog.
So far that is what I have. Ugh. Lots to do in the next few months but I think it's going to be worth it.

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