The Possess Series Dream Cast & An Awesome Giveaway

After reading a series I always find it interesting who the author had in mind when they created their characters, likewise when a book I like gets turned into a movie it's always fun to see who they do actually cast.

If The Possess Saga were ever made into movies (a not so secret fantasy of mine) here is who I think of for each of my characters. Some I had in mind from the beginning, others I had to figure out what actor or actress would best capture them. So, without further ado, Here is the dreamcast of the Possess series , in order of appearance in Possess My Heart, the latest installment in the saga. (Psst, don't forget about the sweet giveaway Tyffani C Kemp is currently hosting Click here to check it out!!


Aggie Walker- Our fiery little redhead. Looks, attitude, and build-wise, I see Karen Gillan playing Aggie. Height-wise she is entirely too tall (Aggie is only 5 feet tall). A close second for Aggie is Emma Stone (mainly for her snarkiness).



Harley Martin- The main character of the whole series and the one who started it all. Aggie’s best bud. They went through a lot in Possess. I’ve had the hardest time figuring out what actress could portray Harley. Mainly because I gave her a bit specific ASSets and made her part French and part Brazilian (supposedly). She also has to have a bandonkadonk. I found Alyssa Diaz to be a good fit. Her body type and her overall look  definitely remind me of Harley.


Nolan Finley- Aggie’s best friend/big brother she never had. She’s known him most her life. For the most part Nolan is a pretty serious person, rarely cracking a smile unless his eyes are on Harley. He’s been through quite a bit so it’s understandable. When I first created him, I already had Aaron Taylor Johnson in mind. I wanted my Irishman to have curly hair and blue “Irish eyes”. When I saw Aaron Taylor Johnson in Savages it totally convinced me that if these were ever a movie, he’d have to be Nolan. He does that serious brooding look so well. Also, the facial hair. <3


Brody Walsh- Aggie’s long time childhood crush and the lover she lost  due to a vicious string of events (this is why you should read the first two books before reading this one J )  Brody is a ghost in this story, but Aggie does see him numerous times. For some reason, while creating his looks I pictured Jackson Rathbone. Ironically, he tends to die in a lot of movies he’s in , so being a ghost seems to be right up his alley  (Dread is a great movie but creepy!)


Grant walker- Aggie’s younger cousin that lives in Scotland. I’ll preface this with saying that, if Possess My Heart were ever a film, I’d prefer to find a young Scottish Actor with a genuine accent, however looks-wise this is Grant (Logan Lerman). He’s 18 years old, but still has a bit of a baby face and always looks like he is up to no good. Generally he isn’t.

Annnd last but certainly not least by no means…


Camden MacTavish- Grant’s best friend. Sexy Scottish bad boy. I have to say I had trouble with figuring him out for a while now, but that was until Sam Heughan was cast in Outlander. As soon as I saw this pic of him on Twitter, I definitely could see him as Camden. He’s fit, has gorgeous eyes, a cocky smirk and a sexy manly jawline. Also, I’ve been watching/stalking his previous works in excitement for Outlander and he is definitely a good actor. AND, he’s a real Scot.

For those of you that have read the series, who are your picks for the Possess characters? I'd love to see them!


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