The Possess Series Dream Cast & An Awesome Giveaway

After reading a series I always find it interesting who the author had in mind when they created their characters, likewise when a book I like gets turned into a movie it’s always fun to see who they do actually cast.

If The Possess Saga were ever made into movies (a not so secret fantasy of mine) here is who I think of for each of my characters. Some I had in mind from the beginning, others I had to figure out what actor or actress would best capture them. So, without further ado, Here is the dreamcast of the Possess series , in order of appearance in Possess My Heart, the latest installment in the saga. (Psst, don’t forget about the sweet giveaway Tyffani C Kemp is currently hosting Click here to check it out!!


Aggie Walker- Our fiery little redhead. Looks, attitude, and build-wise, I see Karen Gillan playing Aggie. Height-wise she is entirely too tall (Aggie is only 5 feet tall). A close second for Aggie is Emma Stone (mainly for her snarkiness).



Harley Martin– The main character of the whole series and the one who started it all. Aggie’s best bud. They went through a lot in Possess. I’ve had the hardest time figuring out what actress could portray Harley. Mainly because I gave her a bit specific ASSets and made her part French and part Brazilian (supposedly). She also has to have a bandonkadonk. I found Alyssa Diaz to be a good fit. Her body type and her overall look  definitely remind me of Harley.


Nolan Finley– Aggie’s best friend/big brother she never had. She’s known him most her life. For the most part Nolan is a pretty serious person, rarely cracking a smile unless his eyes are on Harley. He’s been through quite a bit so it’s understandable. When I first created him, I already had Aaron Taylor Johnson in mind. I wanted my Irishman to have curly hair and blue “Irish eyes”. When I saw Aaron Taylor Johnson in Savages it totally convinced me that if these were ever a movie, he’d have to be Nolan. He does that serious brooding look so well. Also, the facial hair. <3


Brody Walsh- Aggie’s long time childhood crush and the lover she lost  due to a vicious string of events (this is why you should read the first two books before reading this one J )  Brody is a ghost in this story, but Aggie does see him numerous times. For some reason, while creating his looks I pictured Jackson Rathbone. Ironically, he tends to die in a lot of movies he’s in , so being a ghost seems to be right up his alley  (Dread is a great movie but creepy!)


Grant walker– Aggie’s younger cousin that lives in Scotland. I’ll preface this with saying that, if Possess My Heart were ever a film, I’d prefer to find a young Scottish Actor with a genuine accent, however looks-wise this is Grant (Logan Lerman). He’s 18 years old, but still has a bit of a baby face and always looks like he is up to no good. Generally he isn’t.

Annnd last but certainly not least by no means…


Camden MacTavish- Grant’s best friend. Sexy Scottish bad boy. I have to say I had trouble with figuring him out for a while now, but that was until Sam Heughan was cast in Outlander. As soon as I saw this pic of him on Twitter, I definitely could see him as Camden. He’s fit, has gorgeous eyes, a cocky smirk and a sexy manly jawline. Also, I’ve been watching/stalking his previous works in excitement for Outlander and he is definitely a good actor. AND, he’s a real Scot.

For those of you that have read the series, who are your picks for the Possess characters? I’d love to see them!


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