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I realize I tend to fall off the grid at times, especially when I get heavy into pumping out more stories. I can't help it. I know a part of getting your books out there is interacting with others and being active on social media networks, but alas, when the muse appears sometimes it takes hold and tries to take over a little bit.

I can't say I'm sorry about it because in the last 8 months I've put out another novel, a novella, and will be putting out another in July and September. Not too shabby. I also realize part of gaining an audience is also putting out more than just one book. I could sit and compare myself to other authors (some new, some that have been going at it for a few years now) and be sad that I'm not making much off my books, don't have as many FB likes, twitter followers etc nauseum. BUT, I released Mistaken in September of last year. So really...I've been at this for less than a year and pumped out 2 novels and a novella with two more novels coming very soon. I'm pretty proud of that. Maybe my sales aren't yet where I want them, but I have faith that if I put out more and more good stories and keep myself out there maybe one day I can only write for a living. Hell, even if as a part time gig it would be pretty nice. Sometimes it's hard to NOT compare yourself to others, but I tend to get encouragement when I need it most and that always keeps me going.

I'm also going to be working with an indie publisher (more info on that soon!) and I've even gotten a couple clients for cover designs. For about 9 months out of the gate, I think I'm doing okay. Writing books certainly isn't a get rich quick scheme and you really have to love what you do to keep going at it. So, yeah I threw some blinders on and dug deep into writing but am slowing down a little now. I think my muse is a bit tired as am I and now that I have so much coming out, I think I can find a bit more balance with everything.

Been spending a bit more time with friends than I had been and even having some quality time with my books and my xbox. Hey, RPG games is pretty much like reading a interactive one where I can be an awesome elf or a commander of the Normandy (I've been mainly playing DragonAge and the Mass Effect games if you couldn't tell.)

I can't wait to share about the next book  in the Possess series, Possess My Heart. I'm currently waiting to hear back from the betas so I can get started on final revisions before they go to the editor.  What all have you been up to so far this summer?

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