This Week at Midtown Underground

What a week! I am still exhausted from all the traveling I did. While I like seeing the West Coast, I hate the amount of traveling it takes to get there. Finally getting back into the groove with the site, but now I need to up my writerly pursuits with the first draft of Possess. My goal for the next week is to hammer out 10,000 more words of the first draft. Right now I am at about a total of 10k. I'm putting this in print so I have to hold myself to it.

Please yell at me if I don't !

Anyways I have some fun stuff coming up on the blog this week! I've been busy reading Darklands by Nancy Holzner, which I doesn't even come out until the 31st. (This is my first ever Advanced review copy. Not going to lie....I squeed when I received it in the mail!)

I will be participating in the release day blitz on Tuesday. It will be a blast and there will be a giveaway! Be sure to come back and enter!

Thursday I will be posting a review of the book here as well, but I will say I've been enjoying it thus far.

Also, if things work out, I am going to be meeting up with other local authors for a workshop on Tuesday. If I am able to make it to meet them, I will be sure to post about this on Friday.

Either way, stay tuned!

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