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It's been another fun week of blog stops! I hope you all got a chance to stop by some of the stops and get more entries in the giveaway. This week here is where you will be able to find me!

October 1 Guest blog

(I'll be talking about ghosts/Spirits remaining after death)

Mondays as part of the "Paranormal Perceptions" Series - Folklore, research, myths and influence on story
October 2 Interview
Sara In Bookland
October 3 Interview
Frankie Blooding
Blooding Book Reviews
October 4 Interview
Laurie's Non-Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews
October 4 Review
Bookworm Babblings
Aside from the book tour, I will be participating in a fun blog hop this week to kick off October!
I will be posting about my list of top vampires tomorrow.  There will be a giveaway as well as over 50 other blogs participating so it should be a ton of fun!
Finally, for those that have noticed the changed look of my site... consider that a preview to my next book, Possess. Next Saturday I will be sharing  the cover and blurb with you all, so stay tuned!

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