Unlikely Heros

Last Tuesday I was feeling pretty low. Not at all happy about the year to come. My butt was saved from the chopping block at literally the last possible minute. A previous boss of mine at the same company pulled me onto his account that started as of Monday on Wednesday afternoon right before I was about to leave for the weekend.

I had walked back into my office and my coworkers looked up and told me he had been looking for me. I was in such a jaded mood that I figured it was just to tell me he had chosen to go with somebody else for the internal position I had applied for. I was so wrong! And I couldn't be happier that I was. Multiple people had given him feedback about my previous work and in working with me in the past he decided to give me the job! While I have a similar job title to what I used to, it is going to be completely different than any other account I have worked on previously and it is pretty exciting. I even was pulled into one of the Vice President's of our companies office today to discuss my role and where she wants to see me go with it.

I feel like I have whiplash from how quickly things changed. I was afraid I would have to really cut off the fat and do with the bare minimums. bye bye car, bye bye internets, hello ramen noodles! But...no life continues and I am able to pay my bills!

Not knowing what would occur with my job and being told I was going to be demoted (regardless of if it was not my fault or performance that caused it), was a big blow to the ego. And I have to admit that it probably effected my ego all over. I hadn't heard back from any jobs in that time period either...so it felt like maybe I really am not that valuable as an employee? It is hard not to let that seep into other things. Maybe my skills aren't as good as I thought?

 To find out that you have multiple people fighting for you however, that humbles you. While cockiness and thinking you are the absolute shit is bad, knowing others see something in you worth keeping around during this type of economic climate is an amazing feeling. 

I feel much more confident than I have in a while and excited to take on finishing Mistaken, as well as any other challenges set in front of me.

So here's to a promising 2011 that started off great!

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    Woohoo! That is all.

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